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I always enjoy trying new places in London, it’s such a big place even after two years of living here it’s impossible to cover even a small percentage of the hundreds, thousands even, of bars and pubs in our capital.  London is famous for it’s varied and exciting nightlife and it’s really good for finding ‘something a bit different’ for a night out.

For my Mum’s birthday we went to ‘The Flight Club’ in Shoreditch and all in all it was a fantastic experience. The idea is, instead of hiring a table or area, you hire a ‘booth’ which includes access to an interactive dart board! Hence why it’s very popular for large groups, birthday parties, stags, hens and the rest of it. Even if you are literally terrible at darts (aka me) please don’t be put off because it’s still absolutely fantastic!

Essentially, there are 3 different games to choose from, I have forgotten the details but apparently they are the sort of ‘standard’ dart pub games… I think one was called round the clock?! The TV screen above the board tells you the rules so it’s very self explanatory. You enter player names, a bit like bowling, and off you go! As you play, the interactive board keeps track of all the scoring and who’s out etc, so all that is taken off you hands, leaving you free to eat an drink (there is always a handy ‘order another round’ interaction, of course).

It was a fantastic bar and a brilliant experience and I would recommend it for any occasion. You would probably need at least 4 people to make it fun but the booths can easily accommodate big groups. Thoroughly recommended!

The nitty gritty:

Prices: The booths are charged by the hour. OFF PEAK (Mon-Fri afternoons and Sundays) £15 per hour. PEAK (all other times) £25 per hour. Two hours would do it, one might be a bit rushed. They sometimes have offers.

Drinks: Cocktails = yummy, a bit pricey yes but it’s London. All other drinks standard price.

Food: Stone-baked sharing pizzas OMG they were beautiful. I would also recommend the home made chips and dips.

Book: YES you need to book it’s extremely popular. Click here for more info.



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