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Since I was a child, in fact as long as I can remember, my extended family have shared a small apartment in the Algarve and used it for our holidays. It has always been lovely to go back to the same, familiar village in Portugal where we know all the restaurants, best beach spots and walks like the back of our hands. I have been there with every family combination you can imagine; parents, brother, cousins, grandparents, so it was time to go with my new husband! We have actually been before. Last year we enjoyed a quick Easter break there and Paul fell in love with the resort instantly. In fact he still maintains it was on an evening in Luz watching the sun go down together that he made the decision to ask me to marry him later in the year! So it’s a special place.

I am biased of course as it is like a second home to me, so this cannot be taken as an honest and candid travel review, but I would recommend this resort to anyone. It has changed over the years I won’t lie, and is not longer the quiet and unspoilt village that it once was, but I still love it every time I go there. The main reason has got to be the beach. I am lucky enough to have been to many beaches in my life all over the world and it is difficult to find one as beautiful, safe and visually perfect as Praia da Luz. It is literally a picture postcard and great for families, safe swimming and more water sports than you can imagine! As far as European resorts go it’s the combination of the bright blue water, excellent weather, unusually white sand and attractive promenade lined with traditional white villas which makes it one of the best.






So what makes Luz so special? Well, it’s neighbouring Lagos attracts thousands of Brits, so you can have all the excitement of the city from a safe distance somewhere a bit quieter with a much nicer outlook. Luz does have some very nice restaurants and one or two bars (an English pub of course, where can you escape it?!) but no real night life to speak of.  If you do visit Lagos I can’t speak highly enough of Bom Dia boat trips. The trips are great quality, good value and who can think of a better way to spend the day than relaxing on a beautiful sailing boat?


Luz, although now being a fairly busy tourist resort, still manages to maintain some of it’s traditional charm. It has a gorgeous picture perfect church and some lovely traditional restaurant which serve Portuguese food. I would recommend Onda Luz (slightly out of town but great value), A Concha (beach front view) and the Fortelazia (restaurant set in a beautiful, old converted fort with a stunning garden) for traditional meals. The Fort actually does an amazing lunch on a Sunday with a live Jazz band which is a highlight.


We had a lovely, relaxing ‘post-wedding’ break to escape the madness and try to ease the bridal blues a bit! Luz isn’t exactly an adventure for me any more having been their so many times but it’s wonderful to have a familiar place I can go back to time and time again and enjoy it each trip as much as the last.




  1. artculttravel August 15, 2016 / 3:49 pm

    Hoping to visit Portugal next summer, after reading your post my family will try to make a stop at The Algarve. Beautiful wedding photos by the way, congratulations!

    • Jessica Emily August 15, 2016 / 4:02 pm

      Yes it is absolutely stunning! Would recommend it especially for families 🙂 thank you, and thanks for reading!

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