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I hate giving boring gifts.

I love giving gifts which are interesting and thoughtful, specific to the person on whom you are bestowing the gift. It’s really important to me that they know why I have chosen it for them and why it’s special to them; it needs to be personal.

Basically, I don’t give gift vouchers.

So imagine my delight when I came across, an American company who make specialise in beautiful gifts, both personalised and otherwise. The thing that sets Zazzle apart from similar websites is that the options for personalised items are huge and almost completely customisable – so for a creative gift giver the opportunities are endless!

We first discovered Zazzle when we used them to make these cute stickers for our wedding favours. We were super impressed by how easy it was to design them and how well they turned out.

And now I’m hooked! I have used them to design our Thank You cards for our wedding, personalised tote bags and necklaces as gifts for friends and personalised Birthday cards for family, as well as this cute fridge magnet (just incase Paul ever forgets our anniversary!).

For a different gift I would recommend Zazzle 100%.



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