London Lifestyle | A very British picnic

For Paul’s birthday I wanted to spend the day in London seeing all the ‘sights’ because although we live here, we haven’t really done the touristy things! I thought about taking an open top bus tour but it’s quite pricey and since I had already spent a fair amount on his present (dinner at the Shard – read it here) I decided to DIY this part of the day!

So, with a quintessentially English M&S picnic in our basket we set off on our own ‘walking tour’ of the sights of Royal London.

We had a lovely day for it and saw Buckingham Palace, the Mall and St James Park. I love the royals and was so blown away by the patriotism of it all. It was close to the Queens 90th birthday when we went so we were lucky to see some of the Beef-eaters all dressed up.

The walk was 3 1/2 hours and I had planned to walk through St James Park, Green Park and Hyde Park. We stopped at the serpentine in Hyde Park to eat our lovely picnic and watched the boaters go round and round. I couldn’t believe it when the Red Arrows flew over for her maj – how very British while we were eating our chocolate covered strawberries!

We spent the afternoon relaxing in the parks and went to look at the Royal Albert Hall. We couldn’t believe it but we actually saw Prince George on his way back to the palace! He was leaning out the window of a vintage black car, waving at everyone! So cute! Unfortunately he went by too quickly to get a picture.

By the time 5 o clock came around it was time to get changed and head off for our evening at the Shard, but we had a lovely day exploring our city and seeing the sights that make it so famous all over the world.


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