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I have recently finished Beside Myself by Ann Morgan. This book has burst onto the shelves and has had a fantastic reception. I enjoyed it immensely but let me just say: this book FREAKED ME THE HELL OUT.

There are disturbing books, and then this. And the weird thing is I don’t really know why I found it disturbing. I have read books with way worse, more sick and weirder plots. But I found this one a total head f**k.

The story line (no spoilers, it gives this much away in the blurb):

2 identical twin girls, 1 is popular, clever and appreciated, the other is a loner, teased, perceived to be ‘slow’ and just generally lives a miserable existence. In the summer holidays they decide to ‘swap places’ for fun to see if they can fool their mother. They do. The next morning the poor sad twin decides she likes her new life as popular twin and won’t swap back, accusing her sister of ‘being silly and playing pretend’ when she tries to tell people the truth. The game doesn’t stop and they go on living the wrong life.

Oh my godddddd disturbing right?! 

I must admit, it’s an amazing book but I found it uncomfortable to read. I was literally wincing as I read it. The plot made me feel trapped as if I was the twin stuck in her sisters life. It is not an easy book. Approach with caution.

However, if you enjoy books which challenge you and push you outside your comfort zone then I urge you to read it. It’s definitely one of a kind and will challenge your ideas about identity, siblings, the nature/nature debate, self fulfilling prophecies and probably your general sanity. 

Have fun!


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