London Lifestyle | Nirvana Kitchen, Marble Arch.

We discovered this little beauty last night when we attended their 6 course ‘tasting menu experience’ which we were given as a gift. The Nirvana Kitchen is essentially a restaurant within a hotel, but they are seemingly trying to get more people in aside from guests by doing this experience. We got a 6 course tasting menu for 2 people and a bottle of prosecco included.

The interior of the restaurant is absolutely stunning, modern and interesting but also hints at its Asian theme. I was really impressed right from the start by the gorgeous, dimly lit decor and GET THIS the colour scheme was rose gold! My favourite. Even the cutlery was rose gold. I was in heaven.

The cuisine is ‘pan asian’ which they explained means Asian fusion from all over the continent, including Thai, Malasian, Chinese influences and more. To me – it basically means Posh Asian. The food was , by all accounts, Masterchef-esque and it was absolutely gorgeous. The portions were small but plenty and they flavours and presentation was goddam perfect. Literally the most tasty food I’ve ever had in my life.

As you can see from the pics below the food was stunning. This is the tomato ceviche with posh crisps (top), duck, watermelon and cashew nut salad and the chilli beef with purple potatoes.

Anyone looking for a special meal in London, particularly if you like Asian flavours with a twist, this ones for you.

Nirvana Kitchen.


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