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I made a rooky error, I watched the film first. And I LOVED the film so decided to read the book. I’m not sure if I loved the book quite as much, but I think it’s my fault for watching the film first, because I already knew the ending.


Nevertheless, Gone Girl (book version) by Gillian Flynn is still extremely addictive. Even though I knew what was going to happen I couldn’t stop. I consumed it. The story is extremely well written, it jumps about a lot but it still flows well somehow. The diary entries from Amy are interspersed with Nick’s ‘side of the story’ and (like the film) we don’t hear from the real Amy until part 2 of the book. The film is very true to the book, which I like, apart fro, I felt the characterisation of Nick and Amy were not quite how they are portrayed in the book. For example, I fell that Nick is more likeable in the book. Ben Afflicks portrayal was nonchalant and suspicious (like Nick is supposed to be) but I also felt he was distinctly unlike able as a main character. I warmed to him much more in the novel. And Amy. Well. Rosalind Pike plays her (brilliantly I might add) as genuinely insane. The Amy in the book is not insane (in my opinion). She is plain evil.

During the book my loyality flicked between them so much I began questioning my own values. Amy is clearly evil but she is a woman scorned after all. But did she push him to that. I’m still not sure. And the ending was so open ended. I really hope there’s another.

Overall the book is agonising. In a good way. A few of my friends have found it a challenging read but I love heavy books like this. Something a bit dark and evil. And it is certainly that.

If you haven’t seen the film – read the book first. It will leave you like:

‘What?! Oh my god.. So has she just… No! Seriously?! Can you even wrote about s*** like this?!’


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