Motivation Tip | buy some cute gym gear

It’s midweek motivation time! The time in the week I always feel my motivation dipping. This week a tip which keeps me going strong.

This may be a tad materialistic but I always workout better and harder if I’m wearing cute gym gear. I figure, if I’m going to bust my ass, get up before work everyday and sweat it out in the gym then I may as well look hot doing it. Plus, it gives me an extra confidence boost and the incentive to actually go in the first place – because I love my gym gear so much!

The best bit is you can get bright, funky, sexy sportwear at really reasonable prices on the high street. With fitness now becoming a bit of a ‘trend’ althleisure wear is everywhere and you can get some lovely things. I splurged on my trainers; they are nikes and I love their training shoes because they are so comfortable and suitable for running, resistance training and are really lightweight. Other than those I get all of my gym gear from high street stores like Primark and New Look. Online retailers like Missguided and Asos also have a good selection. The outfits above are all Primark and cost no more than £12 each!

So, my advice to anyone feeling a bit of a lull this week, buy yourself some new gymwear than inspires you and see how it kicks your butt into action!



  1. Kaitlyn August 31, 2016 / 4:35 pm

    Love those outfits! Super cute! Definitely motivating when you have a new cute outfit you can’t wait to wear!!

    • Jessica Emily August 31, 2016 / 4:36 pm

      I literally live for gym gear! They have such nice stuff at the moment. Thanks for reading!

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