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So, you may or may not have been aware that it was my 25th birthday a few weeks back (yaaaaay) but I’m not going to write about that today because I’ve written it to death! Instead I’m going to write about a little day trip me and my mum took to celebrate my birthday. It was 2 weeks ago, when the weather was still lovely in London my mum came up and took me to Borough Market in London Bridge for lunch.

We met at Greenwich Pier and took the Thames Clipper boat a few stops to London Bridge as it was such a nice day. This mode of transport in London is quite pricey (roughly Β£6 one way for an adult) but when the weather is glorious and you can’t stand the thought of a sweaty tube journey then it can be really lovely. Also, if you are in London to see the sites you can tick off quite a few just on your sailing jaunt.

If you haven’t visited Borough Market before then you are doing your taste buds a disservice! It is well renown as one of the best food markets in London. It’s got several sections, with some stalls selling meat, cheese, cakes and fresh produce to take home and others selling hot, ready-to-eat street food. These meals are truly amazing but you need to be prepared to queue, especially for the popular ones! In the past I’ve sampled giant German hot dogs, falafel wraps, Ethiopian curries and massive pies, but, as it was my birthday, this time I went for a pork roast dinner in a bun! Complete with crackling! So naughty but so worth it. We ate our meals by the river and then spent a while exploring the rest of the market and buying chocolate brownies for pudding!

 After all that good food and wandering around we were up for a lil afternoon cocktail and I’m just going to mention the Bills in London Bridge. It’s nestled amongst the old buildings, cobbled streets and the Golden Hinde which gives it the perfect shabby chic location. I’m not always Bill’s biggest fan – the one in Greenwich is less than average – but this one is fabulous! My new favourite cocktail is Hedgerow Fizz; a yummy champagne cocktail with elderflower and blackberry which is super chic and tastes amazing – and I’ve only ever seen it here! It’s a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by.

Such a lovely day. If you are visiting London I would seriously recommend taking the Jubilee Line down to London Bridge to explore this fantastic, foodie part of town.

Have you been to Borough Market?



    • Jessica Emily September 20, 2016 / 3:11 pm

      Thanks! It is awesome I would recommend a visit x

  1. Laura's Little World September 20, 2016 / 7:58 pm

    your photos in this are lovely ! hope you had a great birthday 😊 X

  2. Kayleigh Zara September 21, 2016 / 7:09 pm

    The food looks amazing, as well as the cocktails! So glad you had a great birthday! X

    • Jessica Emily September 21, 2016 / 7:41 pm

      Thanks Hun – they were yummy! Thanks for reading πŸ’ž

  3. PixieOX September 21, 2016 / 7:15 pm

    Wow I live in London and I’ve never been sounds really good Defo need to make time for this market πŸ™‚ Pixie

    • Jessica Emily September 21, 2016 / 7:43 pm

      It’s brilliant! I’d highly recommend it for lunch. Thanks for reading x

  4. lifeattheshallowend September 21, 2016 / 7:18 pm

    Borough market is great for food! Looks like you had a lovely time!

    • Jessica Emily September 21, 2016 / 7:45 pm

      Certainly is! I love it. Thanks for reading πŸ’ž

  5. olivia September 21, 2016 / 7:21 pm

    Ive never been to borough market! definitely putting that on the list for next time I visit

    • Jessica Emily September 21, 2016 / 7:49 pm

      It’s brilliant I’d definitely recommend it! Thanks for reading X

    • Jessica Emily September 21, 2016 / 7:53 pm

      Awh thank you that means a lot! ☺️

  6. Em September 21, 2016 / 7:28 pm

    I hope you had an amazing birthday lovely!! Borough market looks so lovely, I do love markets anyway aha! Wonderful post sweet! xx

    • Jessica Emily September 21, 2016 / 7:56 pm

      Thanks! I had a lovely time. Thank you for reading ✨

  7. itsbeccajayne September 21, 2016 / 7:36 pm

    These pictures are amazing!! I am in love with London, and want to go there so bad. Hope you had a great birthday, and amazing post lovely. X

    • Jessica Emily September 21, 2016 / 7:56 pm

      It is lovely ☺️ thanks for reading and commenting lovely! X

    • Jessica Emily September 21, 2016 / 7:59 pm

      It’s amazing for foodies like me! Thanks for reading πŸ’œ

    • Jessica Emily September 21, 2016 / 8:03 pm

      It’s brilliant- love a champers cocktail! 🍾 thanks for reading lovely πŸ’ž

    • Jessica Emily September 21, 2016 / 8:05 pm

      Hehe yep! Fudge and brownies are the best! The fresh, hot food is amazing too. Thanks for reading! X

  8. stealthebeauty September 21, 2016 / 8:00 pm

    I love London sooooo much I’ve never been to Borough Market though! 😱 Great post and gorgeous photos xxx

    • Jessica Emily September 21, 2016 / 8:07 pm

      Yeah i love it! It’s amazing. Thanks so much for your comment ✨

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