Good morning! I hope you are having a great week so far. If you’re week is not going so great then not to worry! Today I’m going to share with you my favourite hobby right now for relaxing and getting a bit of “me time”; mindfulness colouring. “Colouring for Grown Ups” burst onto the scene early last year and became the latest gift-giving craze. I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of these books are currently tucked up safely in a drawer or under a pile of papers somewhere. After all – who has time for colouring in alongside work, blogging, family, friends, exercise, hobbies, reading and everything else that we are trying to fit into our lives?!

If this is you I would urge you to dig out said book and start colouring in! Trust me. It’s such a good way to de-stress and unwind after the working day. I generally do a short burst of about fifteen minutes every day when I get in to help me to switch off my work head and get ready to enjoy my evening.  It’s also great because it doesn’t take much concentration and you can really let yourself get lost in it. I even find it takes less “brain power” than curling up with a book.

And the range of colouring books you can get on the market is insane! There are literally stacks of stunningly designs; my examples below are from the Under the Sea version but I’ve seen ones with Woodlands, Fairytale and Seasonal themes. For my designs I choose to keep them quite intricate and use a mixture of colouring pencil, fine liner pens and thin felt tips – but that’s the beauty of it; it’s yours so you can make it however you want. So get creative! I honestly believe that a bit of creativity every day is seriously good for us. Drawing isn’t for everyone but literally anyone can colour in (and you’re not in school anymore so you don’t even have to stay in the lines if you don’t want to!)

Here are some examples of my colouring. To see Waterstone’s range of colouring books for Grown Ups click here.

What’s your opinion of adult colouring? What’s your favourite activity for relaxing?

Technically, I’ve been an adult since 2010.

It certainly didn’t feel like it then and sometimes it still doesn’t even feel like it now! I’m getting there. At the age of 25 I would say that I’m pretty much a functioning adult who can do most things I’m expected to without running to my Dad for help. I’ve negotiated two house moves, booked various holidays, put myself through university while supporting myself entirely and I’d say I’m pretty self sufficient.

But there are some things people just don’t prepare you for! Some which start when you are 18 for sure, but others which creep up on you at different points in your life that you just weren’t expecting and are really complicated and just… adulty. So I’m going to prepare you. Here are some things about being a ‘good grown up’ which I wish I was still blissfully unaware of.

⭐️ Council Tax. We all know that when you grow up and live alone we will have to pay bills. In fact, for most young people their first home outside of mum and dad’s is a uni house, and there is a certain amount of pride attached to seeing your name on a bill letter! You feel like you’re bossing it, adulting, paying your bills on time and then BAM you leave university and guess what?? That bill amount you’ve been paying for three years? Yeah that’s not real. In actual fact you have to pay at least £50 a month more for something we made up and called council tax for the pleasure of having a roof over your head. When it’s on top of rent, electricity, gas, water, Internet an everything else you actually use trust me it’s a massive shock.

⭐️ Sending your own birthday cards. This may not sound like a biggie but seriously. The minute you realise your mum isn’t tagging your name on the cards she sends and you have to remember to send, purchase, write and send them yourself it’s a total bummer.

⭐️ If you work 9-5 you can get nothing done. Ever. Got toothache and need to see a dentist? Nope, they close at 5. Phones broken and need to go to the shop? Forget it. I’ve had a cheque in my bag for months because I can never get to my bank before it closes to pay it in. Things you really need are not open on weekends. That’s a life lesson right there.

⭐️ Estate agents. I’m SORRY if you’re an estate agent I’m sure you are perfectly lovely and trustworthy but I have found ever single one to be an absolute nightmare. When you are a fully functioning (or partly functioning) adult the chances are you will need to move and probably use an agent at some point. They are just exhausting. You need a pair of wellies to wade through their bullshite to get to the facts you actually need to know.  And they charge huge admin fees for the pleasure of them doing their job.

⭐️ Getting a new passport. In a world where literally everything can be ordered, updated or renewed online it comes as a bit of a shock to find out that a new passport is not the same. Not only do you have to fill in an actual paper form with a pen and post it IN PERSON but you also have to follow a number of complex instructions regarding photographs, signatures and paperwork. And you get charged £80 for this joy. Anyone thinking about calling their mum yet??

⭐️ Finally, Tax Returns.  God forbid you are ever self employed and have to do your own tax return but I was for many years and couldn’t justify the money of hiring an accountant. In 2016 you would have thought they could come up with a less complicated system but instead it’s a maze of receipts, numbers, declarations and (horror) adding up. I stared at the screen for several days before running to my Dad for help.

This post is a bit grumpy I’ll admit! There are of course many joyous things about being an adult and being in control of your own destiny, but if someone could just sort out getting rid of these little annoyances for me that would be GREAT. I will happily rejoin the adult community.

Any fellow semi-adults out there who care to share what you hate about being a grown up??