We all love our holidays; hot or cold, far or near our holidays are our saviours in a world where we are always working. I love going abroad and exploring new places, however, in recent years with the rise of the ‘stay-cation’ it has come to my attention that there are plenty of beautiful and well worthy places to visit in the UK. I mean we are seriously blessed with stunning coastline, rolling green hills and absolutely picture perfect countryside. If not always the weather to go with it – but hey ho! So, my husband and I seem to have found ourselves partaking in the fast growing trend of ‘glamping’ for some of our holidays.

So what is glamping?

Well, essentially it’s glam camping. Hence the name. All the beauty and wildness of camping – but with a few luxuries thrown in. The luxury element can vary – sometimes you could stay in a fully heated yurt or bell tent with a full sized double bed, or it could mean a tree house in the forest with a compost loo. The facilities are not what makes it glamping – it’s the fact that it’s camping, with a difference. Something a bit special that sets the experience apart from the rest.

I’d like to share one of our favourite glamping experiences with you. We use the website ‘Canopy and Stars’ to choose our trips and they are fantastic. They can be expensive but they only advertise the best, most different, vintage, kitch and crazy glamping opportunities out there. Eco treehouses, camping pods, lodges and even a bedroom in a sphere suspended in the middle of a forest in Cornwall are all among their offerings. There are other sites but I have found them to be the best and their write ups of the sites are very detailed and accurate. You know what you’re getting into!

Ges the Horsebox – £135 per night

‘Ges’ (coincidently pronounced Jess) is a traditional horse box and pony trap situated in the Surrey countryside; a combination of staying in a retro, up cycled vehicle and camping in total isolation and peace. Ges is sitting in a field, in the middle of another field, which can only be reached by driving down a deserted country road in the most rural part of surrey. To my delight, apart from the staff in co op when buying out supplies for the weekend, we didn’t see another human for the entire weekend. Pure escapism. Seriously, the interior was gorgeous, and to say that the owners had thought of everything was an understatement.

The little pony trap was converted into a stunning modern bathroom with luxury toiletries. There was a picnic set, board games, colouring books, fairy lights, hot water bottle. The back porch was complete with bunting and a tambourine! I felt like I had wondered into a 1960’s hippy festival daydream.

I’m a huge advocate of the ‘digital detox’ – even as a blogger! I think it’s really important to step back from our devices and reconnect with nature once in a while, whether that be as a person, as a couple or as a family. It’s so nice to have no TV or distractions, just each other. Time to talk, laugh and truly enjoy each other’s company. We had no electricity, no signal, a gas stove to boil a traditional kettle or grill some toast and a BBQ which we used have burgers for dinner. Other than that we munched on the home made cake and bread which was provided in our gorgeous hamper when we arrived, along with milk, water and a few other essentials. It was blissful. I’d recommend this glamping trip without a doubt.

You can view Ges & other amazing glamping experiences on the canopy & stars website.

Have you ever been glamping??

I do like Bucket List posts and – like everybody – I do have one! My bucket list is huge and probably unrealistic. But at the very, VERY young age of 25 (quarter life crisis alert) I am sticking to the dream that I can visit virtually every country and experience every culture in the world at some point in my life.

So to make things more manageable I have cut down my Bucket List to the next 5 years. Where I want to go and what I want to see before I’m 30 (gah!). Here we go:

💜 Go to India. I don’t know what it is, but I just need to go there. I want to explore everything about it. The food, the culture, the amazing sights, the Ganges, the cities, the beaches, the heat – I just know it will be a huge eye opener and very tragic in some places and mindblowingly beautiful in others.

💜 Drive Tuscany & the Almafi Coast. I’ve never been to Italy and I’m dying to go but I really want to save it until we slowly wind our way through this beautiful region in a car. A certain husband needs to pass his driving test (ahem) and then we can be on our way.

💜 See the Northern Lights. More of our friends and family are going to Scandinavia every year to do this and I’m starting to feel left out! I want to see them so badly, and just visit Scandinavia in general actually, but it’s so expensive dammit! Once we are both in full time very well paying graduate jobs (easy right??) it’s first on the list.

💜 Dive again. I’m a fully qualified PADI dive master and at one point in my life I spent a few months working in a dive school and diving every day with customers! Now, I haven’t been diving in a good 2 years and I miss it. In the next 5 years in determined to dive Egypt, The Philippines, Mexico – or all of the above!

💜 Camp somewhere rugged & beautiful. There are so many stunning places in the UK. Yeeeeeessss, the weather’s not the best but sun or no sun I am determined to camp in some of our most rugged and beautiful countryside. I’m currently considering Wales or Ireland.

💜 Climb a mountain. Along the same vein. I’d love to do Everest but it’s so expensive it’s not really realistic for the next five years. So it will probably be Snowden or Ben Nevis!

💜 Island hop in Thailand. I’ve spent time in Thailand but haven’t done much island hopping. This will be the first one I get to cross off my list because we are going at Christmas!

💜 Re-visit the place we said our vows. Zakynthos is and always will be a very special place to us and our families. I can’t wait to go back.

💜 Go to Canada. Again, another place I feel a strange affinity with although I haven’t been. I’ve got some distant family there and my cousin loves it so I’ve got excellent recommendations. I imagine it as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

💜 Find my island paradise. I’ve been to some stunning beaches but I’m still chasing that perfect, desert island. Who knows if I’ll find it in the Galápagos Islands or maybe a tiny island off Figi. Wherever it is, I’m gonna find it.

What’s on your list? 


I absolutely love glamping weekends. For those who don’t know, glamping is like camping but usually with slightly better facilities and often something ‘novel’ about the whole experience. They vary a lot in price and how ‘glam’ they are, but you can usually expect to have some sort of bed and cooking facilities set up for you already.

We use the website ‘Canopy and Stars’ to book our trips. They only advertise really unusual places with something different about them. We’ve booked through them a few times and never been disappointed.

We chose ‘The Nut Plat’ in Kent for several reasons. Kent is not far from us so it was easy for us to get away just before the wedding, the facilities looked lovely and the price was good (less than £100 per night which is less than most of them) and it looked really secluded and emersed in the country which is really important to us when choosing our glamping experiences.

The pictures can give you an idea of how lovely it was. We were completely on our own with only the owners cat for company! We woke up in the morning in a cosy Shepherds hut, which has been converted into a comfy bedroom, to look across to a golden meadow with horses. We had a fire pit for warmth in the evening and a BBQ for cooking. There was a bubbling stream right outside the hut where we caught crayfish and cooked them up for dinner (yummy-but I felt guilty!) The facilities were basic: a compost loo and a small shower, but they were private which is important to us.

We had a lovely time with country walks, crackling fires, red wine and doing the cross word. There was no phone signal at all which was a lovely way to properly relax and have some quality time together which was lovely before the wedding madness begins!

I would thoroughly recommend The Nut Plat or Canopy and Stars for your next camping trip.