Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I hope you are starting to get in the mood and feel all festive. Incase you’re struggling then I thought I’d share with you some of Paul’s brilliant photography of our weekend by the seaside in the New Forest last week.

The New Forest is an absolutely stunning part of the world and I would recommend a visit to anyone, particularly at this time of year. This time we visited the quaint town of Lymington for their Christmas tree festival and to have a look around their shops. It’s absolutely perfect for Christmas shopping their; packed full of independent gifty shops and places where you can pick up something unique, as well as lovely cafes and a cute little harbour. It’s also really picturesque as you can see.

The next morning the sky cleared and we heading down to one of my favourite stretches of coastline in the UK; Friars Cliff (also called Avon Beach I think). For December is was unseasonably warm and the sun was so bright – we actually sat outside to drink our hot chocolates. We walked all the way along this gorgeous beach and got some lovely photographs. The pastel beach huts are my favourite part!

Beautiful! Well worth a visit. If you want to read more about what the New Forest has to offer click here.

Paul and I enjoy making the most of our weekends. We both have busy lives, juggling degrees, jobs (several in my case), social lives and all the rest, but we try and keep all this confined to the week as much as possible so we can really soend some proper time together at the weekend. And hopefully get away somewhere.  Paul’s parents live in the New Forest which is a beautiful part of the world, so we are lucky enough to have a seaside place to visit easily and see family at the same time.

I’m not going to lie, the drive is not fun. But equally the train journey costs and absolute fortune so it is much more economical to drive. WARNING: if you are behind the wheel – the horses roam free down there. And I mean actually free. No owners, they rule the road, and if they want to stand in the middle of a dual carriage way you just have to let them carry on. 10 mph is pretty much your limit. For a Londoner, it’s a shock! However, totally worth it.

During our most recent visit spring was definitely in the air and on the Sunday morning the sun was shining so we decided to have a go at a popular local activity in Mudeford: crabbing!

Basically, you put some fish in a bag, put the bag on a line, dangle it in the water for a few minutes and they pull it up and it’s usually got a few crabs clinging onto it! You can collect them in a bucket and then (of course) release them when you’ve finished.

It’s actually really good fun and I loved it! I would advise against trying to pick one up as I did though as they do in fact have claws and are not afraid to use them!!!

At any rate I would defiantly recommend taking a trip down to that part of the world whether you are keen on crustaceans or not. It’s a lovely way to spend a sunny British weekend and the scenery is pretty spectacular. And you will definately see a horse or two.

Visit the New Forest.