Weddings are such an exciting event! As a previous bride I absolutely adore other people's weddings. It’s one big celebration of love and devotion and if you’re an invited guest and get to be a part of that, well, you better get your hankies ready for the sobfest that awaits. Attending a wedding as a guest is a privilege and you get the chance to spoil the lucky couple with a gift of your choice. Most couples say that they don’t need a gift on their wedding day, as your presence is enough, but everyone knows that turning up to a celebration empty handed is a big no-no.

The thing is, this is the modern world! Roll the times back fifty years or so and a wedding was the bridge between living with parents and living with a new spouse. This meant that most gifts were housewares and pretty trinkets to display for the couple in their very first home. That is a rarity these days, with most couples living together long before engagement rings are given and wedding vows are exchanged, which means that a couple generally has it all before getting hitched. I know I'm our case we already had everything for our house, so we found compiling a gift list tricky!
So, the dilemma left to you as the wedding guest is what on earth you could buy for a couple that seems to already have it all? Here are five unique gifts that you won’t necessarily find on a registry, nor would anyone else have thought of it!

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Kitchen Gift
Okay, so the happy couple may be living in pre-marital bliss, but that doesn’t mean they have everything they need for their kitchen. Everyone loves a gadget! Check out the wedding gifts on and see the genius that is this Smart Bacon Express The Bacon Toaster. No more frying pans or grills, but the perfect toaster for those lazy Sunday morning bacon sandwiches. Fun kitchen gadgets are always a loved gift!

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Travel Gift
Forget the honeymoon, if your wedding couple are ones who love to trek and travel across the world, why not go for one of these travel gifts? Add in a ‘where have you been’ scratch map and you have the perfect, personal gift for the couple who love to conquer the world together. I personally would adore this gift.

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Land Gift
This is an totally unique idea! We’re not talking a patch on the local allotment for the newlyweds, but why not give them the amusing gift of a small piece of unclaimed land? They can therefore be claimed Lord and Lady of the land you give them, which should raise a smile or two!

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Honeymoon Gift
Wedding gifts that are personalised are those that go down well with newlyweds, as they get a keepsake from their day. These personalised Mr & Mrs passport covers are an exceptional gift that they will love to use on their honeymoon together. Pair it with a polaroid camera for snaps of a vintage feel. Honeymoons are almost as exciting the wedding day itself so any gift for the honeymoon will go down very well.

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Romantic Gift
I love this idea! Notebooks like this that encourage a newlywed couple to write a line about their life together each day for the first year of marriage is a wonderful keepsake, and a way to look back at how their first year of marriage went in the years to come.

With this gift ideas you will never run dry for inspiration for the wedding season – no last minute panic! Enjoy all the weddings!

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If you are getting married abroad or having a beach wedding a San Unity Ceremony is a real cute and popular addition to the ceremony. We didn’t have a religious ceremony and the civil ceremonies in Greece are very short, just a few lines and the exchanging of the rings; it would be over in a few minutes! The Sand Ceremony was an add on that our planners offered and as Paul and I are total beach bums we thought it would be a nice touch and was very ‘us’.

The couple are given a vial of sand each, and take it in turns to pour it into a larger, decorative vase. It’s actually very symbolic and as your pour the sand the registrar reads words explaining how your sand is now mixed together forever, as one, never to be separated, which represents how you have become one person in your marriage and will be bound together forever. The words meant a lot to us and we were so glad we decided to have it.

If your planner doesn’t do it or you’re not using a planner you can get the vials of sand easily online, or more mean fully you could easily collect the sand yourself. If your weddings isn’t beachy I really like the idea of doing it privately on the honeymoon, like some people plant love trees, to cement your bond and you can use sand from that special place and remember your honeymoon forever.

Plus you get to keep the vase as well which is a lovely memento and looks cute in our living room.


Before getting engaged and being thrust into the mad world of weddings I wasn’t really aware of the concept of sending ‘Save the Date’ cards.  I understand that it is a trend which made it’s way over from the USA and is designed for couples to let people they intend to invite know way in advance of the wedding. I possibly wouldn’t have thought it necessary for a UK wedding, but because our wedding is abroad I actually thought it was a great idea.

After getting engaged in September 2015 as soon as we had confirmed our date I wanted to get cards out so that people would know that it was in Greece and could start preparing and getting their flights booked before the holiday rush.

However, I wasn’t really sure what a Save the Date card should look like. I wanted something simple and not too fussy or overly pretty because I wanted my invitations to be special and stand out when I sent them and I didn’t want the cards to distract from them. I looked at hundreds on the internet but couldn’t find anything that I liked.

Just before Christmas I went to the National Wedding Show at Olympia with my mum.  I really enjoyed the day and I would recommend it to any bride.  It’s pretty overwhelming at first, and I went when I had no idea what I wanted in terms of dress, cake , flowers or anything really other than the venue, so it was difficult to focus on anything! However, a stall did catch my eye; a stall with really stylish photography and nice monochrome cards.

Foto Fusion are a small, UK based company and two lovely ladies explained to me how they could design me some simple Save the Date cards with a photograph of my choice on them. It’s clever because the photo is printed almost on negative paper so that when the card is open the light shines through and makes the picture really come to life.

I really liked the style and liked the idea of personalising the cards with a photo so we decided to go with them. I really liked the ladies on the stall as well and they were the owners of the company and make the cards themselves.

When I got home Paul and I decided on what pictures we wanted on them. I loved one of the examples I had seen at the fair which was a baby picture of the bride and groom and a caption saying ‘guess who’s getting married..’ with the wedding details inside the card.  We chose the baby pictures and sent them off with our order.

The cards came within a few weeks and they were lovely! The baby picture idea was really effective and many of our guests commented on how cute the idea was and how they’d never seen anything like it before.  I was really pleased with both the cards and the service I received from Foto Fusion and look forward to using them for our ‘Thank you’ cards with a grown up picture of our wedding!

If you want to check out Foto Fusion click here.