I love a bright pair of trainers! I’m not gunna lie, I always do a better work out if I feel confident in my workout gear – and a pair of stylish trainers can real make a gym outfit! I’m a big fan of nikes, but there are a lot of other brands out there with really gorgeous styles. I’ve made a ‘lust list’ of all my favourite trainers on the market which I wouldn’t hesitate to buy if I had the budget or the storage space!!


This bright pink beauty is a real showstopper! Not only is the four absolutely fabulous but it’s also great for pushing yourself in the gym; lightweight but also durable and with enough support to do your heavy stacked squats!

£45 from JD SPORTS


A little on the pricey side but how amazing are these? I love the colour. They are designed for running rather than gym work and give you all the high tech support, ventilation & ‘barefoot’ feel that runners need. I don’t really like running – but I still want these babies!

£130 from JD SPORTS


I just love the colour of these. If you do t fancy a psychedelic shade like the two above I think this is a really nice compromise. These are all about comfort; with an extra foam layer for shock absorption so would be a good all round training shoe. They are also in the Sports Direct sale at the moment – what’s not to love??

£62.99 from Sports Direct

Karrimor Duma 2 Ladies Running Shoes

Karrimor were the first trainers I ever owned and although they didn’t last as long as my current our of nikes – if you are looking for something that will do the job and not break the bank then these are great. These shoes come ina great choice of colours ranging from the very garish (which I would pick obvs.) to the subtle and plain, as well as having great grip and being an already fitness training shoe. I personally wouldn’t recommend karrimor for serious running; I once did a 10k in my old ones and they we were too heavy and didn’t have enough bounce.

Currently in the sale £24.99 from Sports Direct

Do you lust after fitness shoes like me? What are your favourites?

Okay, I admit it. I have expensive taste in body wash! I love, love, loveeeee Molton Brown (all their products) and have a particular soft spot for their shower gels. The flavours are so yummy, they all smell amazing, lather up so much and are such gorgeous colours. Generally all round amazing products.

They arn’t cheap as far as body wash goes and since I’m a student I wouldn’t usually splash out on such a thing. However, my lovely mum has got this cute little thing where she always buys me a set of their minis for my birthday or Christmas because she knows how much I love them! I like to have lots of different ones so I can chop and change and the mini sets usually have about 12 small bottles of gel which lasts me a fair amount of time! Basically, I’m sorted for shower gels!

I recieved this set for my birthday and I wanted to tell you about my favourites.

How cute do they look lined up in colour order by the way?? Amazing decoration for my bathroom if nothing else!

Pink Pepperpod

Obviously I have a soft spot for this one because it is bright pink and I think it looks sassy as! It’s also a really lovely fruity smell and it gives off a really tropical aroma. The blend of fiery pink pepper and ginger make it kind of spicy which is really refreshing in a body wash. Great for waking you up in the morning.

Coco & Sandalwood

Coconut anything is my absolute favourite. I love it. The smell remind me of holiday so much it transports me in my head to a beach with a cocktail in hand. Plus, coconut has so many amazing properties to keep skin soft and moisturised. Soothing on the skin and nice for a relaxing bath.


My all time favourite Molton Brown product is the Gingerlily. I adore the smell so much I have also purchased the body cream. It just smells divine – of lilies obviously so it’s quite a flowery smell but I don’t find it over powering. It’s an exotic flowery product with a hint of spicy ginger. 

Do you like Molton Brown or any other luxury bath products? What’s your favourite?


London is a huge and diverse city with many faces and personalities. I have no where near explored it all, but having lived here for 2 years now I have a few established favourites.

Camden Loch

This is one of the places in London we just keep coming back to. I love Camden Loch and the market within it. I love the stalls, it’s the one place in London you can get genuinely different things and is not saturated with I HEART LONDON merch. I get my crystals from here and Paul found an amazing tigers eye necklace here once. They really have one of a kind, hippy/boho stuff which it rare in the capital these days.

On a sunny day the Loch will be heaving but it’s fun winding and pushing through the food market and choosing something equally different and delicious (chicken tikka curry in a sandwich, anyone?) and finding a tiny peice of pavement to perch on and enjoy it.

There are some really lovely pubs too, and the roundhouse venue is not far away. No need to go there for music though, every corner of every bar/pub/street is occupied by some sort of musician trying to ‘make it’. The music scene, coupled with the sort of grungy culture and the fact that Camden is seen as a very ‘cool’ place to live, gives it an unmistakable young and buzzy vibe.

Portobello/Notting Hill

You need more than a few pennies for a night out here but ts a seriously nice area with a lot of character. Portobello market is good for vintage one-of bits and pieces,  but I just love the general area for its independent shops and restaurants. Particularly impressive authentic Italian restaurants here for some reason.

One of my favourite things to do in London, and the main  reason why we explored this area in the first place, is the Electric Cinema. Check out the picture below to see why! You can book these huge sofa/bed things in the front and I’m telling you – nothing is more relaxing than laying down with a blanket and watching a movie like you’re in your own home! It’s a lovely vintage cinema too which plays interesting movies. A must-visit.

Greenwich Park & Market

Okay, I may be biased with this one. I live 5 minutes walk from this beautiful place and I love, love, LOVE it. The park is stunning from the ground, and even more stunning from the top of the observatory. Greenwich village is quaint, full of independent shops and quirky businesses, and the market is fantastic for unique gifts and one of a kind things. It’s just a wonderful place to explore, whilst being much less frenetic than the centre of town. These pictures are just a small selection of the many that I take on a daily basis just walking around Greenwich because it’s so goddam beautiful in every season! I did a full post of Greenwich a while ago which you can view here.

So there you have it, my favourite places in our capital! What are you favourites?



I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Jess from ‘Who’s That Jess Ann‘. She’s got a fantastic blog, I particularly like her fashion and style posts – check it out! 

The rules of the VBA:

  • Give a shout out to the sweet blogger that nominated you.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Include 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 10-15 more lovely bloggers for the award.

I guess this is a good opportunity to tell you a bit more about myself as I haven’t done one of these ‘facts about me‘ posts before. Here we go:

1) I didn’t attend uni when I left school, but when I was 22 years old and had been travelling/working for a few years. It took me a long time to decide what I wanted out of life. I am now in my last year of training to become a primary school teacher!

2) Paul and I moved to London on a bit of a whim. We were both unhappy in our old lives so we quit our jobs and moved to Greenwich. As students, we found it difficult to find a place to rent and we had already given notice in our old place – we were very nearly homeless!!

3) We got engaged just over a year ago on my 24th birthday on the beach in Mauritius. The boy did good!

4) I’m actually a trained beautician and nail technician, but it wasn’t for me! I did it out of school but my heart was never in it.

5) I’m a cat person. I love them so so much! I had cats growing up and I still miss the darlings.

6) I am dairy free. I gave up dairy in January as part of persuing a healthier lifestyle and it’s just really suited me. As well as helping me lose weight I’ve noticed loads of other benefits so I’ve stuck with it.

7) I’m writing a novel! I’m addicted to writing and I’m slowly but surely making my way through my first book. I’m sure it will come to nothing – but I’m loving every minute 🙂

I nominate some of my favourite bloggers:

Emily Becca

Rhianna Elizabeth


Georgia Knight



Happy writing! Have a lovely weekend all…


So, I have a bit of a confession. I’ve already admitted to being super low maintenance chick (read my post here) but it’s time to CONFESS beauty bloggers that I only own 7 lipsticks.


I know, I know, BUT hear me out. I don’t like waste, clutter or spending money and each of these lip colours has a very specific purpose and place in life. I use all of them. And I love all of them. And honestly, I don’t need anymore

So here is what has made the cut to join my very exclusive club which is; my lipstick collection:


This is a lovely, neutral pinky brown which is really good for everyday/ work or a natural makeup look. I love the consistency because it’s really moisturising and has a fairly decent staying power – although does fade off a bit after a few hours.


Ola senorita! This cute coral is perfect for holidays and looks gorge with a bit of a tan (or bronzer). As with all MAC lippys it’s good quality and lasts for ages.


I bought this for my bridal makeup and I’ve fallen in love with it and now alternate it as a second choice for my everyday nude. Although it is so similar in name it’s actually quite different to Angelic; much more pink and girly. I love it.


As you can see, this lipstick has been well used and well worn at the bottom of my clutch bag. So well worn in fact the name has rubbed off and I don’t know the same of it! Anyway, it’s a baby pink lipstick which I usually layer up with a bit of gloss when it’s paaaarttyyyy time.


Only used with caution. This is very bright. I classify it as a lipstick because the colour is so strong but it comes in a sort of gloss format. You apply it and it dries matte and really, really strong. It looks fab when wanting to make a lip statement on a night out.


Everyone’s got to have a bright red lippy right?! I don’t wear it much, but I do love this one. It’s a really deep red but the best thing is that it stays put all night and doesn’t smudge at all! Perfect red lips every time.

So, as you can see, they all know their place! And I don’t need too much space in my makeup drawer for them. Generally, I don’t like to have too much choice in term of makeup colours, knowing where I stand with my special few is much more up my street. Plus, they are tried and tested and I love them all – so why deviate?!

How many lipsticks do you own?