Hey my lovelies!

I hope you are having a lovely start to autumn. At this cosy time of year I like nothing better than curling up with a great film on the tele-box (popcorn and hot chocolate of course compulsory!) I wanted to write about some of my favourite iconic female movie characters and what their roles mean to me. Why not snuggle down infront of a stunning Panasonic 4K TV this Autumn and enjoy some favourite classic movies?

Hermione Granger – Harry Potter

Of course, as a British gal who grew up surrounded by Harry Potter madness how could Hermione not be number 1 on my list? She is such an inspirational character for young girls (and young at heart girls!!) who love the Harry Potter world and everything about it. Although Harry is the main hero, Hermione is responsible for so many of their triumphs and her intelligence, bravery and strength really makes the stories what they are. I think it’s so important for young girls to have a character like her to look up to. Fictional or not, Hermione will always be someone who I look up to and aspire to be more like.


I must admit I was as pleased as the next person when this new Disney-Pixar delight graced our screens last year. Moana, as a movie, is just a joy and the animation, songs and characters make it a family classic already. However, the reason I love Moana as a character has nothing to do with her singing. I actually found myself quite moved by this movie, mainly because of her true grit and determination to follow her dreams and save those who she loves. She literally never gives up. Even when she does give up it’s for about 5 minutes and then she finds the strength within to carry on! She doesn’t need a prince, or even a love interest at all, to save her; she’s a strong, independent girl who shows everyone what she can do. Love it!

Elle Woods – Legally Blonde

An old favourite; I love Elle’s character in both the Legally Blonde movie and the West End musical! Yes, okay she starts off pretty shallow and flaky and she chases boy all the way to law school just to make him ‘love her again’ but come on that in itself takes a huge amount of resilience and determination! Then – once there she finds she can hold her own with the lawyer big boys and she ends up realising how clever and capable she is, and forgets about the boy all together! Go Elle!

Elastagirl – The Incredibles

I knew I had to have a super-hero in this list but perhaps not the most obvious choice. The reason I’ve picked Elastagirl over your standard Wonder Woman/ Cat Woman etc is because she is downright awesome! In the movie, she’s given up saving the world to raise her kids and faces the same family problems that we all go. Then, when her husband is in trouble, she re-discovers her super powers, kicks ass and goes to save him and, in the process, the world! With the help of her epic kids as well. Awesome.

Katherine Johnson – Hidden Figures

When I saw this movie I could not believe how long the secret that several black women had such a key role in the American space race had been kept. The character of Katherine Johnson, who of course is a real person, is super inspiring. Not only is incredibly smart and runs rings around the so called ‘experts’ at NASA but she also conducts herself with amazing integrity in the face of ill-treatment, disrespect and racism at work.  In the face of adversity she showed true courage and strength and deserves recognition as the legend that she is and what she contributed to history.


Let me know who your favourite TV and film characters are? I love a good chit-chat about favourite movies. Whatever you are watching I hope you have a cosy and wonderful start to Autumn.


**This post is a brand collaboration however the content and opinions are my own**

  I love Disney movies. Always have done, always will. I can watch the classics over and over again. My childhood was filled with the release of the early classics and animations, so imagine my delight when the ‘Live Action’ remakes began being released a few years back! Disney movies but a bit more ‘adultier’.

Live Actions are the phrase coined for the remakes of the classic movies with real actors and/ or realistic CGI, so basically it looks real rather than animated. In the last decade we have seen Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty (Malificent). The most recent addition being The Jungle Book which I’ve been super excited about and we went to see today.

WARNING: if you go on a Saturday, it is packed with tot. If I’m honest I wouldn’t recommend this movie for young children, it’s a bit more serious than the cartoon version and actually a bit scary in parts, and this is not only based on my opinion but also the fact that several young kids were crying in the cinema or loudly announcing that they were bored.

Despite this, I loved it. I thought it was a really exciting and sensitive portrayal of the story about a little boy who doesn’t fit in anywhere. It also has a but of a subtext about how man is destroying the jungle and how this effects the animals, and I love a good subtext. The animals have different characteristics and their voices are really well matched to what you would imagine that animal would be like if they could in fact speak. The little man who plays Mowgli puts in a sensational performance as the only real person in the movie!

The best thing without a doubt about this film is the animals; both the characters and the amazing CGI used to create them. The look so real. Considering 99% of the animals and jungle in the movie is created using CGI it’s pretty astounding. I found Baloo the bear particularly amazing and at time was definitely convinced I was watching a real bear, throw in the scene where he fights off thousands of monkeys and my mind was blown.

Overall, a great film and a lovely remake of a classic. Yes the songs are skipped, with only a brief nod to Bare Necessities, and yes it may not be the fluffy classic that it once was, but it is an exciting and moving film with a dark, real edge that most of the live action movies seem to have and I love it.