Let’s face it – sometimes we just cannot get to the gym. This is something that I’m contending with a fair bit at the moment. If you read my Midweek Motivation last week I talked about falling off the wagon with a new routine and the fact that I can’t workout in the mornings anymore due to my early commute to work. I still go Saturday & Sunday and I make myself go at least one evening midweek too. The rest of the time, though, between planning, paperwork, dinner, spending time with my husband and actually having an hour to sit down and rest it’s not easy to get down the gym much more than that.

So, it’s really helpful to be able to set up and work through a little circuit at home. Nothing too long or labourious, just a quick burst while I’m watching TV to get my heart rate up and keep myself active.

Last night we did a little circuit of 30 press up/ 30 sit ups / 30 mountain climbers (inspired by Alex Crockford’s Crockfit HIIT sessions) and it took less than 10 minutes.

Although it’s not as good as a full strength and conditoning workout a little burst of cardio/high intensity interval training makes me feel much fitter and generally better about myself! Put it this way – I don’t feel like I’ve slacked quite so much!!!

Ideas for things you can do at home without equipment:

Burpees//squats//sit ups//plank//push ups//mountain climbers//jumping jacks

That’s all for today! Remember to come back every Wednesday for motivation to get you through the week!


Sometimes you lose your rhythm in fitness. It can be anything, a change in routine, an upset, difficult period in your life or maybe just you’re really tired. For me, I’ve recently started placement in a school and I have to leave the house at 7am. Given that my gym opens at 6.30am this is not realistically enough for me to have a workout in the morning. I now go 3 times a week (one evening and both days of the weekend) compared to my old routine which was 5 mornings a week.

This has been a really hard upset for me, not just because I enjoyed it and it really set me up for the day but also because I had genuinely become a morning person ! I loved getting up early and thrashing all my stress from the day before out in the gym. It made me feel alive, and awake actually! These days I struggle out of the house feeling sleepy and lethargic. I’ve also noticed I’ve put on 3 pounds which has been upsetting me a bit.

HOWEVER, it’s important to not be too hard on ourselves and recognise our achievements so far! I’ve still lost nearly 2&1/2 stone and managed to maintain it. The first picture was taken in January 2016 and the second is now. It’s still an amazing achievement!

I figure I’ve just got to stop giving myself a hard time and understand that it takes time to adjust to a new job and routine.

Do you find it difficult to fit fitness in around a demanding job? What are your thoughts on this?

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Virtually everyone would say they can’t work out without a super motivating playlist playing full blast in their headphones, am I right? Personally, I love working out to music. It gives me a rhythm, sometimes a distraction and always the motivation to push myself a bit harder. I wanted to share my ‘Ultimate Workout Playlist’ with you today because I love listening to it in the gym and I really feel the right music can make the difference between a mediocre and a kick-ass workout!

Warm Up:

  • Good Feeling – Flo Rida
  • In For The Kill – La Roux
  • Mr Saxobeat – Alexandra Stan
  • We Built This City
  • Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake
  • Sorry – Justin Beiber
  • Troublemaker – Olly Murs
  • Timber – Pitbull & Keisha

Main Workout:

  • I Love It – Icona Pop
  • Call On Me – Eric Prydz
  • Anaconda – Nicky Minaj
  • Down – Jay Sean
  • Get Ugly – Jason Derulo
  • Lose Yourself – Eminem
  • Tears – Clean Bandit feat Louisa Johnson
  •  The Girls – Calvin Harris
  • TINA – Fuse ODG
  • Partition – Beyoncé
  • We Built This City – Starship
  • Girlfriend – Avril Lavinge
  • How Deep is your Love – Calvin Harris
  • Don’t Stop the Music – Rihanna
  • Milkshake – Kelis
  • Domino – Jessie J
  • Run the World – Beyoncé
  • Bounce – Iggy Azealea
  • Temperature- Sean Paul
  • Pump It – Black Eyes Peas
  • That Power – Will.I.Am

Cool Down:

  • Cheerleader – OMI
  • Fight Song – Rachel Platten
  • Blame it on Me- George Ezra
  • Cold Water – Major Lazer feat Justin Beiber



Anyone who works out or does any kind of sports or exercise knows how important it is to stretch. But how many of us actually do it?? Nah.

I would never stretch after working out, mainly due to laziness, wanting to get the hell outta there as soon as I was done and also kinda out of embarrassment that I can’t touch my toes (really, I can’t).

But – a little tip. I spent a bit of time looking up some yoga poses and also some cheerleading stretching (I used to cheer for my uni) and have began working towards these. By giving myself a challenge I have not got really into my stretching after every workout. Some of the poses are actually a workout in themselves!

Below is me working towards my ‘Scorpion’, a cheer shape which is a lot harder than it looks! It’s actually really hard work and I work up a proper sweat practising it! I started on the floor first trying to touch my head with my feet, then moved on to holding onto the wall, then once my balance and core strength improved I moved onto free standing and using a resistance band. As you can see I can’t quite hold my foot in my hand yet!! But I’m determined to get there.


 This one is the more commonly known ‘warrior’ pose from yoga. This one is hard work too, but I always try and do it in the morning as it gives your body a certain stillness and focus as well as testing your balance and core. I have put this picture up because Zakynthos is much prettier than my gym in London!


What is your favourite stretch?


It’s midweek motivation time! The time in the week I always feel my motivation dipping. This week a tip which keeps me going strong.

This may be a tad materialistic but I always workout better and harder if I’m wearing cute gym gear. I figure, if I’m going to bust my ass, get up before work everyday and sweat it out in the gym then I may as well look hot doing it. Plus, it gives me an extra confidence boost and the incentive to actually go in the first place – because I love my gym gear so much!

The best bit is you can get bright, funky, sexy sportwear at really reasonable prices on the high street. With fitness now becoming a bit of a ‘trend’ althleisure wear is everywhere and you can get some lovely things. I splurged on my trainers; they are nikes and I love their training shoes because they are so comfortable and suitable for running, resistance training and are really lightweight. Other than those I get all of my gym gear from high street stores like Primark and New Look. Online retailers like Missguided and Asos also have a good selection. The outfits above are all Primark and cost no more than £12 each!

So, my advice to anyone feeling a bit of a lull this week, buy yourself some new gymwear than inspires you and see how it kicks your butt into action!