This week I have commenced the second 12 week programme written and designed by personal trainer Alex Crockford, creator of Crockfit. The SheFit2 programme, designed specifically for women, follows on from SheFit1 and repeats a similar format but with more challenging exercising and the scope to push a bit harder.

It is possible to just stick with SheFit1 of course, Alex does explain how to continue the programme after the initially 12 weeks but since I had such great results from the first plan I really wanted to see what I could achieve from the second one. Plus I get bored easily in the gym and I fancied some new ideas!

I’ve done 2 days so far (the plan continues along the 4 days per week commitment) and I’m really enjoying it! It’s great to have some new challenges and new goals to work towards.

In the next 12 weeks I’m not really looking to gain additional muscle or lose any more weight. My main goals are little things now: tone up the last bit of tummy fat, get more definition in my abs and just increase general fitness and stamina.  Overall I’m just looking to maintain what I’ve already achieved and continue to love my workouts and feel fit and healthy every day.

If you are interested in any of Alex’s plans you can check out his website.


It’s midweek motivation time! The time in the week I always feel my motivation dipping. This week a tip which keeps me going strong.

This may be a tad materialistic but I always workout better and harder if I’m wearing cute gym gear. I figure, if I’m going to bust my ass, get up before work everyday and sweat it out in the gym then I may as well look hot doing it. Plus, it gives me an extra confidence boost and the incentive to actually go in the first place – because I love my gym gear so much!

The best bit is you can get bright, funky, sexy sportwear at really reasonable prices on the high street. With fitness now becoming a bit of a ‘trend’ althleisure wear is everywhere and you can get some lovely things. I splurged on my trainers; they are nikes and I love their training shoes because they are so comfortable and suitable for running, resistance training and are really lightweight. Other than those I get all of my gym gear from high street stores like Primark and New Look. Online retailers like Missguided and Asos also have a good selection. The outfits above are all Primark and cost no more than £12 each!

So, my advice to anyone feeling a bit of a lull this week, buy yourself some new gymwear than inspires you and see how it kicks your butt into action!


Woohoo it’s Wednesday and so far I have smashed out a gym session every morning this week before work! Feeling motivated, fit and fab.

Something that was high on my priority list when I started my body transformation, and I think a high on many girls lists, was to build a solid booty. Booty gains. It’s what we all want. It’s what we all squat for.

And I’m pleased to report, a la photo above, my butt building is coming on nicely! I’m definitely starting to notice a difference in shape and also strength in my glutes when I work out.

On the Alex Crockford she fit plan (the programme I have been following) there is one ‘booty firmer’ day per week so I work it hard but only once a week to give it time to recover! These workout days often leave me walking with jelly legs for days! But it’s definitely working 🙂