Recently, I was lucky enough to be sent this delicious food package to try from Polish Village Bread. Living in London, we are fortunate to have lots of Polish cafes and restaurants and the food is so tasty! I was really excited to try the food I was sent.

Polish Village Bread is an authentic Polish bakery based in London. They provide all types of Polish food, ranging from bread and cakes to savoury snacks and frozen products. I was delighted to be sent a mixture of baked goods, microwavable meals and prepared meat.


First up this berry sponge cake – well let’s just say it didn’t last long! The sponge was light and the fruit was so tasty. It was absolutely delicious!

 Next we tried some of the pancakes. The spinach and cheese ones were really yummy and considering that I don’t usually like spinach I really loved the taste of the filling. So well seasoned and tasty.

My favourite thing was the delicious chicken and veg pancakes. These are packed full of spicy, delicious filling. They are microwaveable but we decided to shallow fry them in oil to get them crispy on the outside. Mmmmm!

We cooked up these three dishes as a meal as we thought they’d compliment each other well. This is dumplings filled with potato and soft cheese, cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and pork and traditional Polish sauerkraut stew. I have never tried sauerkraut but I was pleasantly surprised! The flavour is strong and rustic. I loved the dumplings too, potato and cheese are two or my favourite things and they came together deliciously in a little parcel!


We really enjoyed all the polish food that we tried and we love sampling different cuisines from all over the world! We love going on culinary adventures both outside and inside the country. To see what else they have to offer, check out Polish Village Bread’s website here.


So, you may or may not have been aware that it was my 25th birthday a few weeks back (yaaaaay) but I’m not going to write about that today because I’ve written it to death! Instead I’m going to write about a little day trip me and my mum took to celebrate my birthday. It was 2 weeks ago, when the weather was still lovely in London my mum came up and took me to Borough Market in London Bridge for lunch.

We met at Greenwich Pier and took the Thames Clipper boat a few stops to London Bridge as it was such a nice day. This mode of transport in London is quite pricey (roughly £6 one way for an adult) but when the weather is glorious and you can’t stand the thought of a sweaty tube journey then it can be really lovely. Also, if you are in London to see the sites you can tick off quite a few just on your sailing jaunt.

If you haven’t visited Borough Market before then you are doing your taste buds a disservice! It is well renown as one of the best food markets in London. It’s got several sections, with some stalls selling meat, cheese, cakes and fresh produce to take home and others selling hot, ready-to-eat street food. These meals are truly amazing but you need to be prepared to queue, especially for the popular ones! In the past I’ve sampled giant German hot dogs, falafel wraps, Ethiopian curries and massive pies, but, as it was my birthday, this time I went for a pork roast dinner in a bun! Complete with crackling! So naughty but so worth it. We ate our meals by the river and then spent a while exploring the rest of the market and buying chocolate brownies for pudding!

 After all that good food and wandering around we were up for a lil afternoon cocktail and I’m just going to mention the Bills in London Bridge. It’s nestled amongst the old buildings, cobbled streets and the Golden Hinde which gives it the perfect shabby chic location. I’m not always Bill’s biggest fan – the one in Greenwich is less than average – but this one is fabulous! My new favourite cocktail is Hedgerow Fizz; a yummy champagne cocktail with elderflower and blackberry which is super chic and tastes amazing – and I’ve only ever seen it here! It’s a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by.

Such a lovely day. If you are visiting London I would seriously recommend taking the Jubilee Line down to London Bridge to explore this fantastic, foodie part of town.

Have you been to Borough Market?


Although I enjoy eating clean I really feel like a treat once in a while. Instead of blowing it on something full of refined sugar and nastiness I usually take to the kitchen and try to bake something which tastes yummy but is made out of ‘clean’ ingredients.  These flapjacks taste delicious and are dairy, gluten and refined sugar free!

Ingredients: only 6!

  • 3 mashed bananas (ripe)
  • 2 cups of oats
  • 1/3 cup of coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons of raw honey
  • a sprinkle of cinnamon
  • a handful of raisins (optional)

The method is so easy, it’s literally a case of mixing all the ingredients well and spreading them into a deep baking tray! Make sure you grease the tray with coconut oil.  Cook at 180 degrees for 25-30 mins but check them because my oven is rubbish! Take them out, leave to cool and cut into flapjacks.