On Sunday I celebrated my 25th birthday with a joint party for me and my cousin who was 25 in August. We have always been brought up like sisters and even used to be dressed the same as if we are twins! She’s my best friend so it was lovely to share our family party.

It was a small garden party at my parents and we were sooo lucky with the weather! Beautiful sunshine all day and a pretty warm day. Unusual for September but then you never know with England!

I always like to make a bit of an effort for parties – especially my own! So I ordered a dress from Asos for the occasion. The ‘Kate’ Lace Minidress (petite range) is baby pink with lace cap sleeves and a beautiful slightly pleated skirt. It was a perfect length for me as at 5ft4 I often find the regular Asos clothes too long for me. I teamed it with some chunky New Look cork wedges that I’ve had for a long time!

I got a few compliments on my outfit, as well as a few comments from my male cousins that I ‘looked like Barbie’!! But I’ll take that as a compliment. I’m sure it was meant to be…

You can see the Kate Lace Minidress here.


If you live in an urban area you will know the drill; gardens are golddust! You pay rent over and above for a garden flat and everywhere you go in London tiny little bits of ‘outside space’ (term used very loosely!) are being utilised whatever the health and safety risks. I have seen benches squeezed onto gaps between the front door and the street and even BBQ’s crammed onto slithers of roof! Basically- any space at all even the size of a shoebox; you’re lucky.

So imagine our joy when we moved into this ground floor flat and weeded what was a very overgrown bit of land at the back! Hurrah! A garden! Paul spent many hours slaving away clearing the stinging nettles and has a few war wound to prove it, but wasn’t it worth it?! So happy. Furniture is currently pending.

Summer; come at me!