Happy new year and HELLO 2017. I love the positivity the start of a new year brings. We’ve still got a week left of our dream honeymoon so it’s difficult to reflect on home life or imagine anything other than this beach existence we are currently living! But soon we will be home and I’m focused on setting some goals to make 2017 even better than 2016.

Last year was full of excitement for me: I got married, graduated, started my teaching certificate, had my honeymoon to look forward to as well as visiting several other countries too. Looking forward to 2017 it doesn’t seem quiteย as jam-packed! But there are always things to be excited about or strive for.

2017 holds for me (so far!):

๐Ÿ’— My first full year as a Mrs and our first wedding anniversary.

๐Ÿ’— Finishing my post grad teacher training and (all being well) getting my first job as a teacher!

๐Ÿ’— Summer holidays to Greece and Portugal.

My goals for 2017:

โญ๏ธ Finish my PGCE and get a job!

โญ๏ธ Continue to grow my blog, extending my readership and improving my content.

โญ๏ธ Take more photos and improve my photography skills.

โญ๏ธ Get back in the gym and lose those few holiday pounds and get my six pack back!

โญ๏ธ Get to as many places as money will allow, both in the UK and abroad.

So, now that I’ve committed these to paper I guess I’ve got to achieve them! What are your goals for this year?

Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2017 and a big THANK YOU for reading my blog ๐Ÿ’—

We all make New Years resolutions don’t we? Grand plans about how we are going to drop a dress size, become fluent in French, learn salsa dancing, the list goes on. New year, new me. In its most basic sense – I love New Years resolutions. The idea of wiping the slate clean and starting a brand new year with new intentions really appeals to me. However, a lot of the time the promises we make to ourselves after a few glasses of bubbly are not realistic, not achievable and not always that helpful to our sense of wellbeing. Constantly failing our resolutions on January 9th is not great for us! So, here are some ideas of some achieveable goals which I will set for myself, which are worth making.

1. Say yes more. I truly believe that life is for living. Say yes to the party, even if you don’t really fancy going. Challenge yourself, take a risk, say yes to the promotion/ holiday/ date. You’ll never know if you don’t go! ย Cram as much as you can in while you can. Having a ‘yes I can’ attitude can have a really positive impact on your wellbeing too and you will radiate positive vibes to everyone around you.

2. Try something new. And it doesn’t have to be salsa dancing! But it could be! For me, even just trying a new music venue I haven’t been to before, a new cuisine or a new genre of film is exciting. It could be a new hobby or even a new career – but try at least one new thing in 2017.

3. Move a bit more. Next year I pledge that instead of getting the bus to and from uni, I will get the bus there but walk home. Just taking on a tiny bit more exercise in your routine can have a huge impact on your health, fitness or wellbeing. Try getting into the habit of going for a long walk every Sunday without fail, whatever the weather, or perhaps swimming on a Friday evening to relax and wind down after work. Whatever it is, it doesn’t need to be a huge fitness over haul. Just a small change is enough.

4. Drink more water. In previous years I’ve tried all the usual ‘cut down on this’ and ‘stop having that’, but I find it much more positive and helpful to think of what I can add to my life rather that what I should take away. Water is so important and most of us don’t drink nearly enough. Carry a water bottle round all day and try to drink just one more bottle full than you naturally would. Before you know it you’ll be feeling more awake, hydrated and happy.

5. Tick something off the bucket list. I know a lot of things may not be achieveable in 2017, or the year after that! Many things on my list will take me decades to get to probably. But I think it’s certainly realistic to aim to tick off just one thingย per year. And if not then maybe your list needs revisiting! Potentials for 2017 for me include: surfing in Cornwall, volunteering for charity work, visiting Ireland, eating in a michelin star restaurant or swimming with turtles in Zante.

I hope you found some of these helpful and that it might give you some ideas for your own resolutions. Personally, I like to make resolutions and set goals but don’t beat myself up too much if they don’t materialise. There’s always next year right?!

Don’t worry, be happy. Peace and love to all and wishing you a truly magical 2017. I hope all your dreams come true.

Happy new year.ย 

Love from,

I cannot believe it’s October already! Partly because I’ve been crazy busy, but partly because we’ve been having really unseasonably warm weather in London! I’ve only just dig my cardigans out and haven’t had a chance to wear a coat or scarf! Very un-Autumnly.

For the last month I’ve been getting to grips with my PGCE, studying hard, panicking about all the work ahead and trying to get myself organised. Organisation is not a strong point of mine! But as we go through the course we have to compile huge folders with very specific work from specific points of the year so I needย  to get on top of it. I’m excited though because I’m starting my first school placement on Monday.

Other than uni October is looking less busy than September for me. We have a few things planned but I’m trying to keep my diary as free as possible at weekends in anticipation for all the lesson plans I’ll have to do! I can’t wait to start being a teacher though. It’s been a long road to this point but I really feel like I’ve found what I’m supposed to do.

Something which is coming up in half term which is exciting is my graduation ceremony for my undergrad degree from my previous university! I’m graduating in the Old Royal Naval Chapel which is so beautiful it’s such an honour. I can’t wait!

My goals for this month are:

๐Ÿ’œ Get as organised as possible! Start building my folders in the right order and get on top of work we have already been set.

๐Ÿ’œ Do my absolute best on placement.

๐Ÿ’œ DO NOT give up on the gym no matter how busy or tired I am and continue to work out 4 times per week. No excuses.

๐Ÿ’œ Continue to blog when I can – it may seem like extra work but I find it therapeutic to get my thoughts on paper.

๐Ÿ’œ Make time for myself and Paul to do fun things and not focus and stress about workload all the time.

๐Ÿ’œ Graduate looking fabulous for all the pictures!

๐Ÿ’œ Have a super relaxing half term!

What about you? What have you got planned for October?

I do like Bucket List posts and – like everybody – I do have one! My bucket list is huge and probably unrealistic. But at the very, VERY young age of 25 (quarter life crisis alert) I am sticking to the dream that I can visit virtually every country and experience every culture in the world at some point in my life.

So to make things more manageable I have cut down my Bucket List to the next 5 years. Where I want to go and what I want to see before I’m 30 (gah!). Here we go:

๐Ÿ’œ Go to India. I don’t know what it is, but I just need to go there. I want to explore everything about it. The food, the culture, the amazing sights, the Ganges, the cities, the beaches, the heat – I just know it will be a huge eye opener and very tragic in some places and mindblowingly beautiful in others.

๐Ÿ’œ Drive Tuscany & the Almafi Coast. I’ve never been to Italy and I’m dying to go but I really want to save it until we slowly wind our way through this beautiful region in a car. A certain husband needs to pass his driving test (ahem) and then we can be on our way.

๐Ÿ’œ See the Northern Lights. More of our friends and family are going to Scandinavia every year to do this and I’m starting to feel left out! I want to see them so badly, and just visit Scandinavia in general actually, but it’s so expensive dammit! Once we are both in full time very well paying graduate jobs (easy right??) it’s first on the list.

๐Ÿ’œ Dive again. I’m a fully qualified PADI dive master and at one point in my life I spent a few months working in a dive school and diving every day with customers! Now, I haven’t been diving in a good 2 years and I miss it. In the next 5 years in determined to dive Egypt, The Philippines, Mexico – or all of the above!

๐Ÿ’œ Camp somewhere rugged & beautiful. There are so many stunning places in the UK. Yeeeeeessss, the weather’s not the best but sun or no sun I am determined to camp in some of our most rugged and beautiful countryside. I’m currently considering Wales or Ireland.

๐Ÿ’œ Climb a mountain. Along the same vein. I’d love to do Everest but it’s so expensive it’s not really realistic for the next five years. So it will probably be Snowden or Ben Nevis!

๐Ÿ’œ Island hop in Thailand. I’ve spent time in Thailand but haven’t done much island hopping. This will be the first one I get to cross off my list because we are going at Christmas!

๐Ÿ’œ Re-visit the place we said our vows. Zakynthos is and always will be a very special place to us and our families. I can’t wait to go back.

๐Ÿ’œ Go to Canada. Again, another place I feel a strange affinity with although I haven’t been. I’ve got some distant family there and my cousin loves it so I’ve got excellent recommendations. I imagine it as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

๐Ÿ’œ Find my island paradise. I’ve been to some stunning beaches but I’m still chasing that perfect, desert island. Who knows if I’ll find it in the Galรกpagos Islands or maybe a tiny island off Figi. Wherever it is, I’m gonna find it.

What’s on your list? 


So, it’s the 1st September! Erm, how did that happen?! I swear it was June just yesterday? I think this summer has gone particularly quickly for me because a big chunk of it was taken up with the wedding; preparing, worrying, actually doing it and then recovering! But overall it’s been an amazing summer and the most memorable one of my life.

And so, the summer is over and I’m sad! I reallllly don’t like winter at all. But I do like the month of September. It’s kind of like the bridge between summer and autumn and sometimes we get the odd bit of good weather. Also, it’s my birthday month!! I’ll be 25 a week today! I can’t wait, I love birthdays so much.

September is a busy. busy month for me but I’m determined to keep blogging as much as possible. I feel like I’m getting into the swing of it now! Next week as well as my birthday I’ll be starting my PGCE at University, and we’ve got a lot of family events over the coming weeks. My goals for September:

โ™ฅ Have a positive start to my PGCE and give it 100%.

โ™ฅ Budget effectively when the student loan comes in to tie me over until Christmas .

โ™ฅ Try to keep up healthy lifestyle and gyming even with this very busy month and lots of parties.

โ™ฅ Have a kick ass birthday and celebrate because I deserve it!

โ™ฅ Book a cheeky getaway for October half term because.. Why not?!

Bring it on September! I can’t wait to get started. 

What does September hold for you?