My personal fitness, health and wellbeing journey is ongoing and I am by no means perfect. It’s impossible to change a lifetime of habits in one go and some small changes can make a big difference to how you feel. These are five changes I have made which I do each and everyday which have made a real difference to my wellness.

  1. GREEN TEA TABLET. I know that everyone loves green tea and it’s so hipster right now but shhhhh I hate it. But it does have amazing health benefits – so I take it in a tablet form! Same benefits, less gross taste. I’ve noticed a decrease in bloating and an increase in energy since I’ve been taking it.
  2. GET MOVING. No I don’t go to the gym everyday. But on the days I don’t go I’m so careful to do some sort of gentle exercise even if it’s a 30 min walk in the park – which doesn’t feel like exercise at all. It’s a leisure activity! I love walking and it’s a great way to get moving on a rest day. I find if I don’t do anything at all I feel tired all day and then can’t sleep when it’s bed time (you can see my tips for a good nights sleep here).
  3. GET OUTSIDE. This kind of ties in with number 2, if I’ve been for a walk I’ve already been outside! But I like to spend as much time outside as possible. On my lunch break I sit outside, after work I go for a short walk or a run or just sit in the garden. It’s so important to me to have fresh air and be around nature. It makes me happy and feel at peace.
  4. PUT THE SCREENS DOWN. I feel like most people’s lives (including my own) in the 21st century goes a little something like this: wake up to phone alarm clock, go to work listening to music or looking at phone, work on a computer, get home put tv on, watch tv with intermittent phone checks, bedtime. Dinner is a good time to put it all down, turn the TV off and actually have a conversation. I love hearing about funny things that happened to my other half that day that I would never know about otherwise.
  5. REMEMBER YOUR GRATS. This is a big one for me because I’m a very forward thinking person and at risk of spending my entire life looking forward to the next thing. I have so many goals in my head; where I want to travel next, what I’ll buy when I get paid, where I want to live in the future, that I sometimes forget how much I have to Be grateful for right now. Sometimes just reminding yourself how lucky you are with what you’ve got can be the key to happiness for the whole day.


Porridge is the breakfast of champions.

We all know it, everyone says it, Jessica Ennis-Hill the Olympic athlete swears by it.. but you know what? It’s boring.

I eat porridge every single morning after I have been to the gym on an empty stomach and get back absoluteness starving. I have it with almond milk (as I’m non dairy) and a tiny bit of raw honey but recently Paul and I have been trying some more interesting combinations to spice it up a bit. Not literally. Chilli in porridge would be gross.

SO here’s some ideas (other than chilli) of how to jazz up your morning porridge.

FRUIT: Obvious one, but fruit adds yummy natural sweetness and they are so good for you too. Try and get a real mix of colours in your bowl to get a full spectrum of nutrients and good stuff. My favourites are raspberries and blueberries.

CHIA SEEDS: a supposed ‘superfood’ which has burst onto the scene recently. Personally, I like them because they add texture to the porridge and can help thicken it up but they are also a whole grain packed with Omega 3, fiber, protein and goodness.


NUTS: Not my favourite thing in the world but they are so good for you and (in moderation) can give your body important natural fats and protein. Almonds are the nicest for breakfast in my opinion.

RAISINS: I love raisins in my porridge but you have to be careful because they are sugary but as a special treat they make it so yummy 🙂

Paul has tried some even more crazy combinations for his bowl including flavoured protein powders, cocoa powder, peanut butter and coffee! The possibilities are endless.

So no more using the excuse ‘porridge is boring’!


So the last time I posted I was 4 months into my ‘get fit for the wedding’ mission and had lost 2 stone and a dress size. Although I was happy with my progress, I still wanted to tighten up and improve my strength and fitness. I can now happily say that just in time for the wedding I achieved my target of shedding 2 1/2 stone and am now a size 8/10 UK. We had our beautiful wedding and I can look back on the pictures with confidence and pride dammit because I am so proud of myself!

How I did it.

TEAMWORK. I could not have done it without my now husband Paul getting me up in the morning and forcing me to go for runs! Whether it’s a partner, family or a friend, having someone to support you and achieve results with you is so helpful.

NUTRITION. It’s 80% of results blah blah I used to shudder when I heard things like that because I LOVE FOOD and I cannot survive on celery. But me and Paul but real effort into cooking meals that were balanced, healthy and tasted good. I’m lucky because he’s an excellent cook but to give you an idea, there is such thing as healthy; pancakes, pizza base and even bread. It’s about balance. We cut out refined sugar completely and focused on whole gain carbs, upped our vegetables and ate more protein than anything else. The rest was easy.

CROCKFIT PLAN. This was the biggie. This is what I can put down to me achieving my results this time when I failed so many times before. Alex Crockford is a personal trainer and fitness model (we both worked with him back in the day) and he has recently released his own ‘Crockfit Fitness Plans’ for Men & Women.  The plans are 12 weeks long, but can be continued after, and aim to shock the body and get the results that everyone wants. It takes commitment, but we followed the workouts religiously 4 times a week and the rest is history really. You can check out his plans here.

BECOMING AN EARLY BIRD. I cannot workout after a full days work and I never have been able to, that’s where I have always fallen down. I just can’t bring myself to go when I’m tired. So, we started going at 6.30am 4 days per week. At the beginning, it was hard, but now I love it and the feeling of going into work at 9am having already bossed a gym session is super addictive.

CUT OUT DAIRY. I know I said we eat a balance but that is one thing we have cut out completely, firstly because of it’s fat content and secondly because of some of the negative effects of lactose. We have swapped to almond milk and plant based products and have got on really well with that.

COFFEE. Black coffee is allowed so we swapped tea, juice, squash, pretty much everything we cut out for a bad boy black coffee. It gets easier the more you drink it.








Now comes the tricky part. The wedding is done. I’m back to full time work. It’s summer, there are parties and gatherings and dinners everywhere I look. Temptation is everywhere and maintenance is so key to fitness! I am always growing, trying to improve and get better. So my journey has only just begun!