Having recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary I have been thinking about posting a ‘love’ themed post for a while. But love is something which is extremely personal and difficult to put into words, so until now I couldn’t put my finger on what I wanted to write about. A few weeks ago we had a magical and romantic ‘couple shoot’ in Hyde Park, shot by the amazingly talented Rebecca Carpenter, and the stunning photography that came out of it inspired me to create this post. The images she captured seem to encapsulate how happy we are and how, a year on, we are feeling stronger and more in love than ever. Being in love is the most wonderful thing, here is some of my best advice for maintaining a strong and healthy relationship.

Say I love you everyday. I know it sounds cliché, but even after four years we still make sure we say those three little words every single day. It becomes habit after a while, but a little text after you’ve left in the morning just to tell your partner how much you love them will really make them smile. Of course, it’s easy to say ‘I love you’. But the fact that you make a point of saying it every day means that you really feel it too, and they’ll know that.

Decide that you don’t argue, and then don’t. Let’s face it, most of us hate arguments right?! Especially with the one we love the most. It’s so upsetting and hurtful things can be said that are not easily forgotten. Paul and I don’t argue, and some of our friends can’t fathom this. When they ask me, ‘How can you possibly live together, be married and not have fights?’ I always answer the same. Because we have made a commitment not to. The very action of declaring that we don’t argue prevents us from doing so. Sure, there are occasions when we could easily have a flaming row; one of us is snappy or tired, disagreements over chores, all the usual, but whenever we find ourselves on the brink of an argument one of us says, ‘Hang on a minute, we don’t argue – let’s sort this out.’ The situation is diffused and the prospect of argument has disappeared. If you agree to commit to a no argument policy then you will sort issues quickly and have much more time in each others company for happiness and laughter!

Make real time for each other. Sometimes, with our busy lives and trying to squeeze social lives around work I think we can forget to pencil some time into the diary for our other halves. Occasionally I feel like I haven’t seen Paul for ages, sure – I see him every day, but I don’t really feel like a work night evening spent in front on Eastenders is really quality time together. By making sure we make time for proper date nights and time for each other in our weekends/days off we can keep our relationships strong and happy.

Be grateful. We can all get on each others nerves sometimes but, at the end of the day, if you’re lucky enough to have found your soulmate then you should be super grateful for every moment! It’s the little things that matter, and I cherish every day. Life always gets in the way sometimes, but just taking a step back and thinking ‘wow, I am so GRATEFUL to have this special person in my life’ can really help put things into perspective, and ultimately will increase happiness levels and sense of contentment.


Compromise. I know, this one is so annoying because sometimes we just don’t wanna compromise godammit! We want our own way! But learning to compromise is so key to a happy relationship. It’s easier to do when you imagine that your compromise is genuinely going to make the love in your life happy. If ordering a Chinese instead of the curry you want is going to fill them with joy then it’s worth it – right?!!

So there you go. I’m not by any means saying that my marriage is perfect, but it’s perfect for me.

Wishing you love and happiness in your current and future relationships.


I’m still buzzing from my amazing hen party over the weekend! You can read about what we got up to here, but I wanted to write a post about my outfit and makeup for the day, even if it’s only to remind myself in years to come how much effort I put in! The theme of the party was festival/boho which is just so me and I spent a long time searching for the perfect outfit, hairstyle and makeup so I could feel and look my best on the day.


What could be more boho-hippie-festival that the trusty high waisted shorts/crop top/flower crown combo?! I was in love with my outfit and I felt great in it all day.  I wore this with simple flip flops as the weather was so lovely.

Crochet Fringe top: Forever 21

High waisted mint shorts: Primark

White crop top: H&M

Rose Quartz necklace: Forever 21

Flower crown: Bijoux (shop in Portugal)


As it was such a hot day and my party mainly consisted of day time activities I did go for a natural look with a pinky/gold eye shadow and a winged black liner to give it a boho edge. I vamped it up for the evening with a brighter lipstick but this makeup look was great and lasted all day.

Primer: Bare Minerals Prime Time, Original.

Foundation: Bare Minerals Original mineral foundation, Fairly Medium.

I used a bit more than usual and just buffed it within an inch of it’s life to ensure maximum wear.

Bronzer: Bare Minerals, Warmth.

Have finally mastered contouring with this! Tiny, tiny amounts and using the right brush. It took me a while but the perfect brush I’ve found is the Superdrug mini bronzing brush.

Concealer: Bare Minerals Bareskin, Medium.

Powder: Bare Minerals, Mineral Veil.

Highlight/Blush: Laura Mercier compact, Golden Pink.

This is a creamy highlight which I don’t usually use with a mineral foundation but I applied it lightly with a brush on the cheekbones and it looked pretty. 


Laura Mercier eye basic, Flax.

MAC, A Natural Flirt.

MAC, Corduroy.

Laura Mercier, Coffee Ground.

Loreal liquid liner

Lancôme Hypnose Mascara

Lipstick: MAC, Angel.


I wanted to get the 70’s crimped look for my hair so I plaited it damp the night before and I ended up with the crazy, hippy hair I wanted! Simple!

I completed my boho look with a few Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos; stunningly detailed gold and silver temporary tattoos which we found at a wedding fair believe it or not! I bought several packets so I could do them with my girls on the day and they went down very well! They look amazing for parties click here to visit their website.


Before getting engaged and being thrust into the mad world of weddings I wasn’t really aware of the concept of sending ‘Save the Date’ cards.  I understand that it is a trend which made it’s way over from the USA and is designed for couples to let people they intend to invite know way in advance of the wedding. I possibly wouldn’t have thought it necessary for a UK wedding, but because our wedding is abroad I actually thought it was a great idea.

After getting engaged in September 2015 as soon as we had confirmed our date I wanted to get cards out so that people would know that it was in Greece and could start preparing and getting their flights booked before the holiday rush.

However, I wasn’t really sure what a Save the Date card should look like. I wanted something simple and not too fussy or overly pretty because I wanted my invitations to be special and stand out when I sent them and I didn’t want the cards to distract from them. I looked at hundreds on the internet but couldn’t find anything that I liked.

Just before Christmas I went to the National Wedding Show at Olympia with my mum.  I really enjoyed the day and I would recommend it to any bride.  It’s pretty overwhelming at first, and I went when I had no idea what I wanted in terms of dress, cake , flowers or anything really other than the venue, so it was difficult to focus on anything! However, a stall did catch my eye; a stall with really stylish photography and nice monochrome cards.

Foto Fusion are a small, UK based company and two lovely ladies explained to me how they could design me some simple Save the Date cards with a photograph of my choice on them. It’s clever because the photo is printed almost on negative paper so that when the card is open the light shines through and makes the picture really come to life.

I really liked the style and liked the idea of personalising the cards with a photo so we decided to go with them. I really liked the ladies on the stall as well and they were the owners of the company and make the cards themselves.

When I got home Paul and I decided on what pictures we wanted on them. I loved one of the examples I had seen at the fair which was a baby picture of the bride and groom and a caption saying ‘guess who’s getting married..’ with the wedding details inside the card.  We chose the baby pictures and sent them off with our order.

The cards came within a few weeks and they were lovely! The baby picture idea was really effective and many of our guests commented on how cute the idea was and how they’d never seen anything like it before.  I was really pleased with both the cards and the service I received from Foto Fusion and look forward to using them for our ‘Thank you’ cards with a grown up picture of our wedding!

If you want to check out Foto Fusion click here.




Although this is relatively old news to those who know me (we got engaged in September last year) I thought it would be strange to start a blog diary without addressing this rather important event which seems to be dominating a large chunk of my life at the moment!

I’m extremely excited for my upcoming nuptials to Mr Paul Erler, therefore becoming Mrs Erler myself!  As I write this it is less than three months until our wedding day.

We are getting married on 25th June 2016 in Zakynthos, an island off of Greece.  I had never really pictured what my wedding would be like and I certainly didn’t have the while day planned out in my head like many girls do. So when we got engaged I only really had two things that I knew I wanted. Firstly, I wanted to get married on a beach. This was non-negotiable as I am not religious and as the ocean has been and still is a huge part of my life (I used to be a scuba diving teacher) I felt that getting married by the sea would mean a lot more to me than in a church. Luckily Paul agreed! Secondly, I was pretty set on not having an overly long and drawn out engagement and planning process. The average engagement in the UK lasts 18 months and to be honest I felt that I couldn’t wait that long and I would be boring myself to tears talking about it and thinking about it for nearly two years let alone how Paul, my bridesmaids and especially my mother would feel! So, it was decided, we would have a beach wedding within the year.

Because of these decisions the rest of the process was remarkably easy and fell into place quickly. My original idea was to tie the knot in Thailand (having lived there I feel it is something of a spiritual home for me) however, although I wanted a small wedding I came to the realisation that if we chose this venue it would be very small indeed, likely to be both sets of parents and that was about it. I also realised that it was unlikely that my beloved grandmother would find it difficult to travel that far so I decided that I would seek a beach a bit nearer home. I came across ‘Cameo Island’ in Zakynthos on the internet and was sold pretty quickly. As far as I could see it is one of the only coves where you can hire it exclusively for a wedding to make sure it is private, and also it’s totally beautiful! We contacted a wedding planner (Zante Weddings) to ask them if they had any spaces for summer 2016 (only about 6 months in advance!). Although they couldn’t believe we had left it so late they had one space available on 25th June, which also happens to be the day my parents got married in 1988! Definitely fate. So we booked it!


Zante Weddings, headed up by a lady called Frances, have been fantastic with the whole planning process.  It’s virtually all done now! I decided on a pastel pink and green theme, with casual décor and a relaxed feel to the whole day. We are having the reception in the back garden of the beautiful villa that we are renting for the week with a relaxed buffet.  I didn’t want a DJ (I find wedding DJ’s so cringy!) so we are having a traditional Greek band and then I am doing a playlist myself with a sound system.

I’ve got five bridesmaids, and I got their dresses from David’s Bridal. They are not the same, so I saw no reason to put them all in the same dresses! I picked two colours, a pastel pink and a mint green, and let them choose which style they wanted. It looks stunning.  Paul and his best man are going nice and casual too with beige linen trousers from John Lewis and white shirts. I got my dress sorted months ago.. but that’s a secret of course!

So now everything’s sorted I can pretty much relax and count down the days!  78 to be exact!

Can’t wait.