I am a big fan of the ‘wedding week’ rather than the ‘wedding day’. In the lead up to the wedding we spent most evenings seeing our family and friends, having lovely meals out and meeting up for drinks in a huge group, and then the day after the wedding my mum had organised a sunset boat cruise for all the guests. Luckily, the storm was a one-day-only thing (how convenient of it) so the boat trip was well and truly ON.

The boat picked us up at 5.30 and we set off on a 3 hour cruise around the island. It was absolutely amazing; I’ve been on many boat trips but obviously never had a two deck boat all chartered all to myself and filled with all my favorite people in the world! We had our own music and the drinks were flowing. Everyone had a fantastic time and it was so nice to see.

The boat took us in and around the Keri caves; beautiful rock formations surrounded by crystal clear blue lagoons, before taking us to an area of the sea where the boat stopped and we could all jump off the top deck. Everyone was really brave and jumped off and some (including my brother) suffered some spectacular belly flops!

It was such a lovely way to spend our first evening as husband and wife. As we watched the sunset and danced along to ABBA I can hardly remember a time when I have felt so happy!

An amazing end to a fantastic wedding week 🙂


We arrived in the beautiful island of Zakynthos (Zante) on 21st June to prepare and organise the final details of our wedding on the 25th.

Having not been to Zakynthos on holiday before (only in October last year for a whirlwind 2 days to look at venues) I wasn’t sure what to expect from it as a destination. It’s most famous as a party paradise for 16 year old Brits post GCSE but this is only a tiny section of the island. I can confirm that Zakynthos is absolutely STUNNING and if you get outside of the main tourist resorts by car or bike the vast majority of it is unspoilt, rugged and green. We didn’t get a chance to see too much scenery but many of our friends and family took drives up to the Keri lighthouse and the mountains beyond and raved about it.

We were staying in the stunning Artina Villa in Keri Lake, where the wedding reception was to be held. I literally can’t rave about this villa enough. It’s pure luxury. Everything from the interiors, the rain showers, the attentive owners who oudlnt do enough for us, the stocked fridge when we arrived and (of course) the infinity pool was perfect! We enjoyed an extremely relaxing 4 days prior to our big day by the pool, trying to avoid getting sunburnt of course!

We arrived on the Tuesday morning and we had groups of friends and family arriving every day leading up to the wedding. The village Keri is tiny too with not much of a tourist scene so with 50 guests staying in and around the village we bumped into people every day!  I can thoroughly recommend a wedding week as opposed to just a day! Our days in the lead up were packed with meeting up with our loved ones, hugs, meals out and general love and happiness had by all. What could be better than a giant holiday with everyone you love?! It was perfect.