With wedding season nearly upon us no doubt many of us will be racking our brains for present ideas. True, most people make a gift registry these days so things are a bit more simple. But if they don’t (or you just don’t fancy buying another cutlery set for the sixth time) then you may need to come up with your own idea!

I love gift giving for any occasion and I think it’s so important, especially for a wedding, to choose something meaningful that the receiver will actually like. If you don’t know the couple super well, this can be tricky,. However, as a newlywed myself I have the inside knowledge on a gift a newly married couple will love and might actually need.

All of these gifts were sourced from my favourite gift-giving website: notonthehighstreet.com

Personalised Wedding Keepsake Box // £39.95

Most couples will have already purchased a beautiful personalised wedding album, but the keepsake box is often overlooked. After my wedding I found I had lots of ‘bits’ that I wanted to keep – an invitation, dried rose from my bouquet, spare favour, card from Paul from the morning-of and so on. A cute little box is the perfect box they never knew they needed.

Personalised Special Occasion Photo Frame // £25

If you know the happy couple have a lot of space on their wall to fill I think this ‘Insta-shaped’ photo frame is a really cute idea. Most newlyweds will choose their favourite professional photographs and have them displayed proudly – probably blown up on canvas. If I was buying this gift I would find all the best and most hilarious ‘candid shots’ on Instagram and fill the frame with these. That way every time they look at it they will be taken back to how happy they felt on the day with their loved ones.

Heart Personalised Candle // £29

Because who doesn’t love a scented candle right?! I spend a fortune on them, so I’m always delighted when I get one as a gift. And with the couples initials on it this candle makes for a really cute wedding gift that they will 100% get great use out of. More than a silver cheese knife let me tell you.

Personalised Wooden Luggage Tags // £34

This gift is super useful and it’s highly unlikely to be thought of by anyone else. These luggage tags are really stylish and your newlyweds will LOVE them for their honeymoon. The plus-side of getting tags with their full names on rather than just the traditional ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ which honeymoon luggage tags normally have, is that they can continue to use these for holidays after their honeymoon!

Tree of Love // £35

I love this idea. Plant the tree and watch it grow as the couples lives together and their family grows. So cute, I would have loved to receive one of these. Only slight hitch is – we don’t have a garden! So before purchasing this wonderful gift it probably is worth checking a few things. A) the couple have a garden big enough for a tree and B) they are in a home that they so far intend to stay in for a while. If they are currently renting an ‘in between’ house then it would be unfortunate to plant the Tree of Love only to have to dig it up a few months later!

Framed Personalised Song Lyrics Print // £34

If you are close to the bride or groom and know their first dance song in advance then this is a seriously amazing gift for a seriously stylish couple. I adore this print and am actually considering buying this for my own home! Not only is it a gorgeous and poignant reminder of your first dance song lyrics, it’s also printed in beautiful gold AND these lyrics pictured just so happy to be from my own first dance song; ‘Thinking Out Loud’.


I hope these have given you some ideas if you’re a bit stuck as to what to get a hubby and wife to be! Weddings are special so chose something thoughtful, meaningful and that is as special as they are!

  I love Disney movies. Always have done, always will. I can watch the classics over and over again. My childhood was filled with the release of the early classics and animations, so imagine my delight when the ‘Live Action’ remakes began being released a few years back! Disney movies but a bit more ‘adultier’.

Live Actions are the phrase coined for the remakes of the classic movies with real actors and/ or realistic CGI, so basically it looks real rather than animated. In the last decade we have seen Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty (Malificent). The most recent addition being The Jungle Book which I’ve been super excited about and we went to see today.

WARNING: if you go on a Saturday, it is packed with tot. If I’m honest I wouldn’t recommend this movie for young children, it’s a bit more serious than the cartoon version and actually a bit scary in parts, and this is not only based on my opinion but also the fact that several young kids were crying in the cinema or loudly announcing that they were bored.

Despite this, I loved it. I thought it was a really exciting and sensitive portrayal of the story about a little boy who doesn’t fit in anywhere. It also has a but of a subtext about how man is destroying the jungle and how this effects the animals, and I love a good subtext. The animals have different characteristics and their voices are really well matched to what you would imagine that animal would be like if they could in fact speak. The little man who plays Mowgli puts in a sensational performance as the only real person in the movie!

The best thing without a doubt about this film is the animals; both the characters and the amazing CGI used to create them. The look so real. Considering 99% of the animals and jungle in the movie is created using CGI it’s pretty astounding. I found Baloo the bear particularly amazing and at time was definitely convinced I was watching a real bear, throw in the scene where he fights off thousands of monkeys and my mind was blown.

Overall, a great film and a lovely remake of a classic. Yes the songs are skipped, with only a brief nod to Bare Necessities, and yes it may not be the fluffy classic that it once was, but it is an exciting and moving film with a dark, real edge that most of the live action movies seem to have and I love it.


I don’t wear foundation. I never have, I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve never spent enough money on one before or whether I’ve just not found the right one before but I just don’t like them. I don’t like the way it feels on my skin and I definitely go for the more natural look anyway so, until this point, I have never really felt the need to find the perfect foundation. However, my wedding is approaching. I was receiving gasps from friends when I told them I was doing my own makeup. ‘But what about the pictures?!’ they cried! Enough. I decided to hit the shops and find a foundation that I actually like so I can feel my best on the day without feeling ‘caked’ as I call it.

I booked in for a few makeup ‘lessons’ or makeovers at various counters. I wanted to go reasonably high end as even I know that with foundation usually you get what you pay for. As I wanted to go for the uber natural and look like I’m not wearing anything at all look I booked in with Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown as I had heard good things about their makeup. Neither were exactly what I wanted. I’m not sure which foundation I tried at Bobbi Brown but it was a liquid and felt a bit thick for me and it seemed to come up a bit pale, although that may have been a dodgy colour match. The Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer was nice, but it was still a sort of liquid which was going on my face and I don’t know why but I just don’t think the feeling of it sinking into my skin! Weirdo.

As I was leaving I walked past the Bare Minerals counter and became intrigued. I’ve never used mineral makeup before but have heard whispers about how good it is for your skin and you can sleep in it etc (not that I ever would, my makeup comes off as soon as I’m in for the night! Lucky Paul.)

I decided to give it a go. I came back another day and had a makeup lesson with Bare Minerals… and I love it! It’s amazing and absolutely perfect for me. I ended up buying the Original mineral foundation, the mineral Warmth (their version of a buildable bronzer) and Mineral Veil (their setting powder). The only way I can think to describe the effect it gives is it just kind of makes my face look soft focus. It evens everything out, hides and redness or imperfections but you literally cannot see it. Even under a magnifying glass. No caking, no cracking, no worries. I also love the Warmth, it’s very dark so you only need the teensiest bit but it’s perfect to buff all over and it really looks like a believable sun kissed glow. If you’re a precision contouring kind of girl it’s possibly not the one for you, but if you’re like me and contouring makes you look like an alien.. It’s perfect! The Mineral Veil finishes it off with a nice matte look and sets it all. I’m addicted. I was supposed to be saving them for the wedding but now I wear them every day. Oops!

Have you tried Bare Minerals?