Oxford is one of the UK’s most popular tourist cities after London for a reason. It is seriously beautiful there and I wanted to share some of my photographs with you.

During the half term holidays I was desperate to make the most of my time off and I scoured Groupon and Wowcher for a cheap weekend away deal which wouldn’t be too far from home.  I found a great deal on Wowcher which was a hotel, dinner and spa break deal for two nights just outside of Oxford.  I have been to Oxford before but it was many years ago so I thought this was a great opportunity to explore the famous University city again and combine it with a quiet, relaxing weekend away from London.

A word about the hotel – the Bignall Park Hotel. A perfectly lovely and comfortable hotel in an excellent location for exploring both Oxford and Bicester Village. We weren’t expecting anything amazing as these deals never are but it was great for what we wanted. The food was really good quality too.

When in a city as beautiful as Oxford it is only right to spend several hours wandering around looking at the beautiful architecture and taking pretty pictures of it.  We took the decision to be frugal and not take a bus or person tour but everything is so central it is easy to get round and see all the colleges and university buildings on your own. I love how they are all nestled throughout the city and the students have the total run of the place! The whole city centre has got a really cool, studenty vibe which I really liked.

Other things worth doing while you are there? Well, I’d recommend the covered market in the city centre for food, coffee or a bit of Christmas shopping. It’s full of unique shops and crafty stalls selling beautiful gifts. Of course, the city is full of ‘University Memorabilia’ shops, which ones are legit I’m not sure but you can get some really nice hoodies and mugs with ‘University of Oxford’ emblazoned on the front. My main tips regarding planning a trip to Oxford would be; do not drive! We were planning to but were advised by our hotel to use the local park and ride. It’s super convenient, costs a few pounds and  removes infinite stress of trying to finding a parking space and then paying £5per hour to stay there.

It really is a stunning city full of culture and history, and is an important city which defines the UK’s image in a big way.  If you haven’t been I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

Have you been to Oxford?

London is a huge and diverse city with many faces and personalities. I have no where near explored it all, but having lived here for 2 years now I have a few established favourites.

Camden Loch

This is one of the places in London we just keep coming back to. I love Camden Loch and the market within it. I love the stalls, it’s the one place in London you can get genuinely different things and is not saturated with I HEART LONDON merch. I get my crystals from here and Paul found an amazing tigers eye necklace here once. They really have one of a kind, hippy/boho stuff which it rare in the capital these days.

On a sunny day the Loch will be heaving but it’s fun winding and pushing through the food market and choosing something equally different and delicious (chicken tikka curry in a sandwich, anyone?) and finding a tiny peice of pavement to perch on and enjoy it.

There are some really lovely pubs too, and the roundhouse venue is not far away. No need to go there for music though, every corner of every bar/pub/street is occupied by some sort of musician trying to ‘make it’. The music scene, coupled with the sort of grungy culture and the fact that Camden is seen as a very ‘cool’ place to live, gives it an unmistakable young and buzzy vibe.

Portobello/Notting Hill

You need more than a few pennies for a night out here but ts a seriously nice area with a lot of character. Portobello market is good for vintage one-of bits and pieces,  but I just love the general area for its independent shops and restaurants. Particularly impressive authentic Italian restaurants here for some reason.

One of my favourite things to do in London, and the main  reason why we explored this area in the first place, is the Electric Cinema. Check out the picture below to see why! You can book these huge sofa/bed things in the front and I’m telling you – nothing is more relaxing than laying down with a blanket and watching a movie like you’re in your own home! It’s a lovely vintage cinema too which plays interesting movies. A must-visit.

Greenwich Park & Market

Okay, I may be biased with this one. I live 5 minutes walk from this beautiful place and I love, love, LOVE it. The park is stunning from the ground, and even more stunning from the top of the observatory. Greenwich village is quaint, full of independent shops and quirky businesses, and the market is fantastic for unique gifts and one of a kind things. It’s just a wonderful place to explore, whilst being much less frenetic than the centre of town. These pictures are just a small selection of the many that I take on a daily basis just walking around Greenwich because it’s so goddam beautiful in every season! I did a full post of Greenwich a while ago which you can view here.

So there you have it, my favourite places in our capital! What are you favourites?



I do like Bucket List posts and – like everybody – I do have one! My bucket list is huge and probably unrealistic. But at the very, VERY young age of 25 (quarter life crisis alert) I am sticking to the dream that I can visit virtually every country and experience every culture in the world at some point in my life.

So to make things more manageable I have cut down my Bucket List to the next 5 years. Where I want to go and what I want to see before I’m 30 (gah!). Here we go:

💜 Go to India. I don’t know what it is, but I just need to go there. I want to explore everything about it. The food, the culture, the amazing sights, the Ganges, the cities, the beaches, the heat – I just know it will be a huge eye opener and very tragic in some places and mindblowingly beautiful in others.

💜 Drive Tuscany & the Almafi Coast. I’ve never been to Italy and I’m dying to go but I really want to save it until we slowly wind our way through this beautiful region in a car. A certain husband needs to pass his driving test (ahem) and then we can be on our way.

💜 See the Northern Lights. More of our friends and family are going to Scandinavia every year to do this and I’m starting to feel left out! I want to see them so badly, and just visit Scandinavia in general actually, but it’s so expensive dammit! Once we are both in full time very well paying graduate jobs (easy right??) it’s first on the list.

💜 Dive again. I’m a fully qualified PADI dive master and at one point in my life I spent a few months working in a dive school and diving every day with customers! Now, I haven’t been diving in a good 2 years and I miss it. In the next 5 years in determined to dive Egypt, The Philippines, Mexico – or all of the above!

💜 Camp somewhere rugged & beautiful. There are so many stunning places in the UK. Yeeeeeessss, the weather’s not the best but sun or no sun I am determined to camp in some of our most rugged and beautiful countryside. I’m currently considering Wales or Ireland.

💜 Climb a mountain. Along the same vein. I’d love to do Everest but it’s so expensive it’s not really realistic for the next five years. So it will probably be Snowden or Ben Nevis!

💜 Island hop in Thailand. I’ve spent time in Thailand but haven’t done much island hopping. This will be the first one I get to cross off my list because we are going at Christmas!

💜 Re-visit the place we said our vows. Zakynthos is and always will be a very special place to us and our families. I can’t wait to go back.

💜 Go to Canada. Again, another place I feel a strange affinity with although I haven’t been. I’ve got some distant family there and my cousin loves it so I’ve got excellent recommendations. I imagine it as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

💜 Find my island paradise. I’ve been to some stunning beaches but I’m still chasing that perfect, desert island. Who knows if I’ll find it in the Galápagos Islands or maybe a tiny island off Figi. Wherever it is, I’m gonna find it.

What’s on your list?