♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Star Recommendation

One of my hero products of Summer 2016 – Bed Head’s Beach Bound hair protection spray. I have had quite an extended summer holiday this year, what with a week for the wedding and then Portugal for our holiday, so I was very lucky to spend a few weeks in sun, sea and sand.

I’m a low maintenance girl on holiday (no makeup, natural dried hair etc) so it’s not really the norm for me to stock up on ‘holiday products’ but this time I decided to invest in something to protect my hair from all the damage.

I bought the Beach Bound spray because I wanted something that would protect my hair from sun damage and salt water but also something that I could leave in all day and evening and it would give my hair a nice beachy, wavy look. This product delivered on all levels and it lived up to my expectations entirely. It’s also super convenient and portable for travelling due to it’s compact size and smells yummy. I haven’t much experience with leave-in sprays so I can’t really compare it, but for me, it worked amazingly. My hair maintained good condition and I really  liked the way it looked when I had the spray in. It really made my holiday a lot easier and saved my killing my hair by dragging a brush through it every night!

BED HEAD Beach Bound Spray on Feel Unique – £8.40.


ASMR is something that I have only really discovered in the last few years, and it’s really helped me in lots of ways. It’s difficult to explain ASMR, and to people who haven’t heard of it it can come across and slightly.. Well.. Odd. But I’ll do my best to explain it.

It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and it refers to a phenomenon is basically a feeling trigger by sound. It’s different for everyone hence it’s difficult to explain. Most people have certain ‘trigger sounds’; sounds that when they hear them makes them feel super relaxed, and some people get ‘tingles’ on their head. I don’t get these, I use ASMR for relaxation because it helps put me to sleep or become really chilled. The effects for me are comparable to doing some deep yoga relaxation, or having someone play with my hair. It makes me go Zzzzzzzz.

There are literally hundreds of ASMR artists on YouTube who make videos designed to trigger these feelings of relaxation. They use amazing microphones to make certain sounds like crinkling or tapping which sounds weird but trust me it’s soooooo relaxing. These are some of my favourites:

Whispers Red. A lovely lady from the UK who has a superrrrr relaxing voice and can literally send me to sleep in about 5 seconds. I really like her videos.

Gwen Gwiz. I have recently discovered this girl, I particularly love her makeup tutorials which she delivers in a certain way which are really hypnotising.

ASMR Angel. Amazing microphones and super relaxing sounds. She does all this present wrapping which sounds a bit mad but the crinkling paper sounds are the best.

If you ever struggle dropping off to sleep, need to wind down or just fancy watching something a bit more chilled than your average BBC drama before bed then try ASMR on YouTube! You might be like ‘Err what on earth is this, you weirdo’ but it’s actually virtually cured my insomnia. So it might be worth a shot for someone!