It’s no secret that the universal take over of online shopping has completely revolutionised the high street retailer game. Most brands now have websites, user friendly apps, exclusive online deals and easy delivery options to make ordering their clothing as simple as humanly possible for their customers. And with our busy lives this is what we like! I’m not denying that the ease of buying new items within a few clicks is super convieneient (if a bit dangerous for my bank balance!).

But have you ever thought how handy it would be to be able to browse and compare brands, styles and prices in one place?  Enter Shopcinity, a new app for high street brands which is going to change your online shopping experience.

When I was asked to review this app, I’ll admit, I was sceptical about what yet another fashion app could bring to the table. Hasn’t everything been done already?? It hasn’t. Shopcinity has got features that I’ve never come across before anywhere else. Features I now realise are seriously needed! It’s like the brains behind the app literally got inside the head of an online shopaholic and invented everything they need without them realising that they need it!

I’d like to take you through the basic features of the app and some of my favourite things about it.

The BROWSE function does exactly what it says on the tin. You can select women’s or men’s, clothing or whatever accessories you are looking for and then narrow it down by more categories of item. This was you can see, for example, all the women’s jeans they have from all the brands which are featured on the app. You can easily scroll through the prices and pictures and either purchase then and then or add to your ‘watch list’ – more on that later.

Similar to browse, STORES let’s you look at everything they have got – by store! If you are interested in browsing what a particular brand has to offer this is a good place to do it. At the moment there are not a huge amount of brands on the app but I’m sure there will be more introduced as the app is launched to the public and becomes popular.  Also one of their main retailers seems to be House of Fraser which is great because they sell everything from a range of brands. All bases are covered even at this early stage.

Now, this is where it gets awesome. If you find something you like whilst browsing you can add it to your watch list in just one click. This is then saved for you kind of like the ‘basket’ on other apps. However, and now for the clever part, if you leave it there for a bit you will get notifications from Shopcinity about your item. For example:

I placed these two items on my watch list and within a day I had notifications saying that they had found similar products at a cheaper price elsewhere. And they were genuinely similar as well. Also you get notifications when your watched items are reduced in price or go into the sale! Amazing! Your own personal bargain hunter! It really is very clever.

But the TAG ME function is the cleverest of all! I wasn’t sure if it would be accurate but it really is! The idea: you’re out shopping and see something you like on a manaquin. You snap a picture of it using tag me and Shopcinity will give you a list of similar garments from different retailers! It also works if you see something you like online – just enter the URL.  I tried this out with one of my dresses to see if it worked and here is the proof that this app is a total fashionista!

All I put in was a picture of the dress, no description or information is needed, and the app recognised the colour, length and style to offer me very similar examples of other dresses. I really think this function is so handy. Imagine you saw a stunning dress in the window of a designer store which was way out of your price range: simply snap a pic, tag it and Shopcinity will come up with high street alternatives for you! 

Overall, I rate this app very highly. I think it is very easy friendly, a nice design and works quickly and doesn’t over complicate things. Most importantly it is something which is genuinely useful that (to my knowledge) you can’t get anywhere else! To get a great online shopping experience all in one place – I think it’s brilliant.

Shopcinity is launching in the coming days! Follow this link – sign up for free for your chance to win some amazing launch prizes.

 Paul, if you’re reading this, DON’T PANIC! I’m not talking about “The One” in terms of love.  I am, of course, referring to the elusive “The One Wedding Dress”.

For me, it didn’t exist. It doesn’t exist!

It’s difficult to discuss dresses without giving to much away but I’ll just say this:

I have got a dress, which I love, which looks lovely on me, is flattering and is beautiful. I love it.

When I told girls who are already married my reservations about wedding gown shopping they all just gave me a knowing look and mystically whispered, ‘Don’t worry, when you see it, you’ll just know…’ Know what?! When I tried my dress on, there were no tears, no gasps and no instant “OMG this is The One” which I had heard tales of. Maybe I’m just not that sort of person, maybe no one is and it’s all pretend. Who knows? Weddings are weird.

Anyway, I just wanted to put any Bride to Be’s minds at ease in case you are like me and didn’t have that “I just know” moment. Not everyone has it! Choose a dress that you like and you feel comfortable in. As they say; it’s your day!


I absolutely love Liz Earle skincare.  I’ve used her “hot cloth” cleanser and moisturiser for years but more recently I have branched out into other products. A few days ago I went to John Lewis and accidently bought perhaps more than I should have done! It’s all so pretty I couldn’t resit it!

Cleanse & Polish Cleanser

The original Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth cleanser from Liz Earle has been around for a while and it is my go to cleanser.  The brand tends to bring out “seasonal” cleansers and I couldn’t resit this Rose and Cedrat version for Spring! Look how cute the packaging is!! It has all the benefits of the original cleanser but the rose ingredient gives it an amazing delicate and fresh smell. The rose also has soothing qualities and the cedrat helps with purifying the skin.  All of Liz’s cleansers come with two white muslin cloths which are a great way of gently removing the cleanser and any impurities from the skin.

Orange Flower Botanical Hand Wash & Cream

This is a new one for me. I was persuaded to by this duo by the lovely Sales Assistant and also the fact that my bathroom has a pale blue theme and these match perfectly!  The orange flower smells beautiful and every time I use it it fills my bathroom with the scent. Perfect.


Instant Boost Skin Tonic

Again, a favourite which is part of my regular routine. I use this toner after the cleanser every day.  As I do have quite sensitive skin I find that the aloe and cucumber ingredients have a calming effect. It also contains Vitamin E as well as lavender and orange essential oils to nourish the skin.

Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion

This was a sneaky new purchase! I havn’t been using it long enough to report whether it will rejuvenate my eyes and help reduce my dark circles, however it does claim to refesh tired eyes and I can support that! I have used this on my peepers the last few mornings when my alarm goes of at 6.15am for my gym wakeup call – and it has helped me keep them open!

Skin Repair Moisturiser (Normal/Combination Skin)

I’m a big fan of this cream. I use it morning and night, have done for a year or two, and it seems to have complete control over my skin! I have a difficult skin type, oily T-Zone with extreme chin break outs but then very sensitive and pink cheeks. Most creams I used until I found this one sat on my pores and some even caused more break outs.  This moisturiser is light, non greasy but gives me the hydration that I need. Highly recommend!


The thing I love most about Liz Earle other than the amazing products is the strong sense of brand identity. The counter in my local John Lewis is so inviting that I can’t help go over to it! Their staff are a credit to the brand, and the whole atmosphere is that they really care about their customers. For example, before I even committed to buying anything, I was offered a 20 minute hand and arm massage to try out their new Spring cleanser and body cream.  I really feel that touches like that not only make customers happy and feel special, but also encourage them to make a purchase (clearly!).

All the products are available to view and purchase here.

Thanks Liz!