Everyone knows that being a teacher requires you to be super organised, and I would argue that being a student teacher requires this even more! Not only have you got to stay on top of the planning, marking and assessment for your class but you’ve also got regular university assignments, exams, tests and essays to contend with! It’s a pretty intense year.

As I’m now a term into my teacher training year I thought I would share a few of my top stationary picks to help keep organised and on top of that huge pile of work that you’ve got to do (sorry!!).

Teacher planner – Amazon £8.95



This planner is fantastic because it doubles up as a weekly lesson planner and an academic diary. I fill mine with literally everything; from my in-school lesson plans, reflections and evaluations, essay deadline, lecture and seminar rooms, mentor meetings and everything else in between! It’s great to have all your ‘teaching stuff’ in one place and be able to plan your lessons within that same place too. You may think the black design is a little boring, but I like to keep it professional! There are many other colours and more jazzy designs available.

Fine-lined coloured pens – WH Smiths £7.99


Anyone who is as obsessed with colour coding their revision notes as me then you will most likely already have a set of these babies! If not – you need them in your life! Completing a teacher training year is A LOT of paperwork, much of which refers to other paperwork which links to other documents which is connected back to yet more (you guessed it) paperwork. Using these to write plans and notes in different colours to code and sort them will be a game changer for you. And at the end of a stressful day they are also really good for those stress-busting ‘adult colouring books’! My favourite are the Stabilo brand as I find they last a long time and the colours are bright and vivid.

Rollbound ring-binders & lever-arch files – WH Smiths

(ring-binders £2.99/ lever -arch files £3.99)



You will 100% need ring-binders and lever -arch files while completing your course. I’m only one term in and I’ve completely filled two already!  The ‘rollbound’ spine of these folders is something I have come across fairly recently and have found to be brilliant. The spines are basically rounded rather than straight, giving the folder much more flexibility and making it less vulnerable to breakage when it gets a little full! These are a fantastic price in WH Smiths and they do them in a range of brightly coloured prints and designs so stock up now! You’ll need them.

Highlighter pen wheel – Paperchase £8

Clearly, there will be lots that will need to be highlighted when you are a teacher! I like having a range of colours on one ‘wheel’ as a space saver and to have lots of colours at my fingertips rather than having to scrabble around and locate them all in my drawer (which is not organised by the way!) I love this ’emoji’ highlighter wheel from Paperchase, and the children will love it too! Instant cool points.

‘To do today’ list notepad – Etsy £3.25


As well as having a diary I also think it’s helpful to have a separate To-Do list to write on a daily/weekly basis. I always find it a really productive exercise to physically write down everything I’ve got to do that day in order of priority and then leave it somewhere where I will keep seeing it! I really like this cute list from SiouxAlice on Etsy.

Sturdy backpack – Paperchase £32

Once you’ve got all your fancy new stationary then you need a vessel to carry it all in! I can’t lug everything around on my shoulder – it gives me a neck ache, so I always find a backpack to be more comfortable and practical. I really like this one from the ‘Get Organised’ range from Paperchase.

My wedding invitations! Aren’t they gorgeous?!


I am so pleased with how they turned out. I came across Norma & Dorothy stationary via a simple google search for ‘destination wedding invitations’. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted until I saw these invites! The map particularly stood out to me as something really different and perfect for a wedding abroad.

I also love the vintage lace look and they come with darling pearls on the band with our names on which just finished off the look when you send it as a whole.

The process was very painless. We purchased 50 (small wedding I know!) from their website which can be found here.  We decided to include an extra card for additional information and a RSVP return envelope already addressed.  Side note – we thought that by addressing the return envelopes in advance and making it sooo easy for our lovely guests that we would get all the replies in a matter of weeks, let alone by the deadline.  No such luck I’m afraid! People don’t get back to you, even for a wedding, just saying!

Anyway after the order I was contacted by someone from the company who was designing my invitations. We spoke briefly about any wording we wanted or any extras and then the proofs were sent a few days letter by email! I was extremely happy with the proofs, and there was a teeny spelling mistake on one which was quickly and painlessly rectified before sending to print.

They arrived on my doorstep less than two weeks later!

They are perfect and I love them. Having sent them out now we’ve had loads of compliments too. Thank you Norma & Dorothy for designing an invitation which captures the spirit of our wedding perfectly!

The Norma & Dorothy website


Before getting engaged and being thrust into the mad world of weddings I wasn’t really aware of the concept of sending ‘Save the Date’ cards.  I understand that it is a trend which made it’s way over from the USA and is designed for couples to let people they intend to invite know way in advance of the wedding. I possibly wouldn’t have thought it necessary for a UK wedding, but because our wedding is abroad I actually thought it was a great idea.

After getting engaged in September 2015 as soon as we had confirmed our date I wanted to get cards out so that people would know that it was in Greece and could start preparing and getting their flights booked before the holiday rush.

However, I wasn’t really sure what a Save the Date card should look like. I wanted something simple and not too fussy or overly pretty because I wanted my invitations to be special and stand out when I sent them and I didn’t want the cards to distract from them. I looked at hundreds on the internet but couldn’t find anything that I liked.

Just before Christmas I went to the National Wedding Show at Olympia with my mum.  I really enjoyed the day and I would recommend it to any bride.  It’s pretty overwhelming at first, and I went when I had no idea what I wanted in terms of dress, cake , flowers or anything really other than the venue, so it was difficult to focus on anything! However, a stall did catch my eye; a stall with really stylish photography and nice monochrome cards.

Foto Fusion are a small, UK based company and two lovely ladies explained to me how they could design me some simple Save the Date cards with a photograph of my choice on them. It’s clever because the photo is printed almost on negative paper so that when the card is open the light shines through and makes the picture really come to life.

I really liked the style and liked the idea of personalising the cards with a photo so we decided to go with them. I really liked the ladies on the stall as well and they were the owners of the company and make the cards themselves.

When I got home Paul and I decided on what pictures we wanted on them. I loved one of the examples I had seen at the fair which was a baby picture of the bride and groom and a caption saying ‘guess who’s getting married..’ with the wedding details inside the card.  We chose the baby pictures and sent them off with our order.

The cards came within a few weeks and they were lovely! The baby picture idea was really effective and many of our guests commented on how cute the idea was and how they’d never seen anything like it before.  I was really pleased with both the cards and the service I received from Foto Fusion and look forward to using them for our ‘Thank you’ cards with a grown up picture of our wedding!

If you want to check out Foto Fusion click here.