Summer is here! Hurrah!

The weather here in London is glorious at the moment an I’m absolutely loving it. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m much more of a ‘summer fashion’ gal than an autumn/winter person, and I like nothing better than a pretty, summery dress. A few weeks ago I was passing the window of my absolute favourite shop in the world Oliver Bonas (literally, I could style my entire life from this store, there is not a thing in there I don’t like!) and I saw the most perfect dress I had ever seen in my life! I had a couple of events coming up; birthday parties, garden parties and that sort of thing, and I was looking for something colourful with just the right balance between smart/casual while at the same time being pretty. This dress is perfect in every way for every occasion.

I really like the top part of it which is soft cotton and a casual, grey T-Shirt style which makes the dress really comfortable and keeps the top half relatively casual. It’s also been really cool as last week I wore it to an event in temperatures approaching 30 degrees and was perfectly comfortable. The understated design also means you can style the dress with some chunky statement jewellery. I didn’t on this occasion but when I wore the dress to a birthday party I wore a statement, brightly-coloured necklace to brighten up the top.


The skirt was what drew my attention to the dress in the first place and it’s my favourite part. Not only is it made up of all my favourite pastel coloured but it is also made from the most gorgeous, high quality floaty fabric which is so cool and comfortable and just falls in the most pretty and flattering way. I honestly feel fabulous in it! It’s also a great length for me; just below the knee which kind of gives it a more formal feel but still helps me feel a bit taller especially when I paired it with my cork wedges. The way it is pleated is also a beautiful design which is so flattering and makes me feel slimmer and taller.

The dress costs £75 which is more than I usually spend on one piece but so far this season I have already worn it on three occasions and I feel like it is perfect because it can be dressed up or down for any event! I would wear this outfit to a wedding, a meal or even a night out! It’s definitely got the perfect blend of style and pure comfort. Currently it’s my favourite item in my wardrobe.

Check out Oliver Bonas fashion here.




This weekend we went to visit a friend in the cute seaside town on Hastings. It wasn’t really a weekend away, just a day trip but we had such a lovely time I thought I would write a post about what we did.

Hastings is very beautiful and full of old buildings and English seaside charm. We braced the August wind (it was freezing) and spent the afternoon down by the seafront, exploring the pier and admiring the brave surfers! The sea front has all the usual; arcades, stalls selling ice teams and souvenirs, children’s rides as of course fish and chip shops. However, it’s one of the prettiest and cleanest British seasides I’ve ever seen! And I’ve been to quite a few.

I was particularly taken with George Street, an old street full of vintage cafes, shabby chic boutiques and cute arty places, it’s definitely somewhere I would like to explore some more.

We weren’t really feeling like fish and chips (trying to eat clean!) so we stopped at hipster pub The Crown for some lunch. I was soooo impressed with their gourmet pub food and had probably the best bruschetta I’ve ever had, here or abroad! They also stock local beers and drinks and use local ingredients which I like.

A proper old, English pub – just how I like them.

Hastings is definitely worth a visit and it would have been even better had it been a sunny day. It’s a lovely seaside town which has enough going on but doesn’t seem to have been fully ‘discovered’ and overrun by city people seeking the beach on their weekends, like Brighton and Bournemouth have.  The beach is shingle but that’s never stopped us Brits!  Still good on a hot day for sunbathing, arcades, icecream and even a dip in the Atlantic (for the brave only)!!


If you live in an urban area you will know the drill; gardens are golddust! You pay rent over and above for a garden flat and everywhere you go in London tiny little bits of ‘outside space’ (term used very loosely!) are being utilised whatever the health and safety risks. I have seen benches squeezed onto gaps between the front door and the street and even BBQ’s crammed onto slithers of roof! Basically- any space at all even the size of a shoebox; you’re lucky.

So imagine our joy when we moved into this ground floor flat and weeded what was a very overgrown bit of land at the back! Hurrah! A garden! Paul spent many hours slaving away clearing the stinging nettles and has a few war wound to prove it, but wasn’t it worth it?! So happy. Furniture is currently pending.

Summer; come at me!


Living in the middle of a busy city, there is nothing I like better than escaping for the weekend and getting a bit of fresh country air.  Luckily for me I have a lovely cousin how lives in Hampshire, about a 2 hour drive from South East London, in a lovely town with a stunning river walk and a gorgeous country pub!

We travelled down this weekend and as we were sat in traffic on the M4 I could feel a sigh of relief as we left London behind us! I do love it, but sometimes you need a break. I am horrendously busy at the moment what with finishing my degree and the wedding coming up!

As you can see from the pictures we took a lovely country walk along the canal, complete with pigs, a bubbling river and some lovely little barge houses. I have to say I am quite drawn to the concept of living on a house boat.  There is something very calming about it.

What a beautiful sunny Spring day we had. Feeling blessed. Now back to another manic week of busy, city life!