My personal fitness, health and wellbeing journey is ongoing and I am by no means perfect. It’s impossible to change a lifetime of habits in one go and some small changes can make a big difference to how you feel. These are five changes I have made which I do each and everyday which have made a real difference to my wellness.

  1. GREEN TEA TABLET. I know that everyone loves green tea and it’s so hipster right now but shhhhh I hate it. But it does have amazing health benefits – so I take it in a tablet form! Same benefits, less gross taste. I’ve noticed a decrease in bloating and an increase in energy since I’ve been taking it.
  2. GET MOVING. No I don’t go to the gym everyday. But on the days I don’t go I’m so careful to do some sort of gentle exercise even if it’s a 30 min walk in the park – which doesn’t feel like exercise at all. It’s a leisure activity! I love walking and it’s a great way to get moving on a rest day. I find if I don’t do anything at all I feel tired all day and then can’t sleep when it’s bed time (you can see my tips for a good nights sleep here).
  3. GET OUTSIDE. This kind of ties in with number 2, if I’ve been for a walk I’ve already been outside! But I like to spend as much time outside as possible. On my lunch break I sit outside, after work I go for a short walk or a run or just sit in the garden. It’s so important to me to have fresh air and be around nature. It makes me happy and feel at peace.
  4. PUT THE SCREENS DOWN. I feel like most people’s lives (including my own) in the 21st century goes a little something like this: wake up to phone alarm clock, go to work listening to music or looking at phone, work on a computer, get home put tv on, watch tv with intermittent phone checks, bedtime. Dinner is a good time to put it all down, turn the TV off and actually have a conversation. I love hearing about funny things that happened to my other half that day that I would never know about otherwise.
  5. REMEMBER YOUR GRATS. This is a big one for me because I’m a very forward thinking person and at risk of spending my entire life looking forward to the next thing. I have so many goals in my head; where I want to travel next, what I’ll buy when I get paid, where I want to live in the future, that I sometimes forget how much I have to Be grateful for right now. Sometimes just reminding yourself how lucky you are with what you’ve got can be the key to happiness for the whole day.